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Lionel Ritchie

Is it true that Lionel Ritchie once sang at half time at Adams Park?


  • No, he sang before the game started.

  • Yes he sang at AP.

    It was quite funny as myself and my then young lad were stood by the dugout in the Main Stand paddock before a mid-week kick-off and suddenly a short guy stood next to us. It turned out to be Lionel.

    He then went around to the other side of the ground and sang a number. It was very weird as we had a world star at our ground and it didn't appear that anyone knew he was actually coming.

    People still don't believe me when I tell the story. It wasn't his most memorable song though.

  • It was for Watchdog on BBC1. We had a Friday evening game (against Oxford or someone) and they were doing a piece about how much it cost at various grounds to have birthday messages read out at half time. He was there singing his new song. The chant throughout the song was 'Knick knack paddy whack, give the dog a bone, Lionel Ritchie fuck off home'. He walked around the pitch before kick off. I am sure he remembers the whole experience fondly.

  • @Tom Was against Notts County if I remember rightly.

  • Happy to be corrected on that one!

  • He signed an autograph for my wife in the Boardroom at half time: "To Daisy "Hello" from Lionel Ritchie" ........... I believe my memory is correct when I say Ann Robinson fronted the programme from Adams Park Woodlands Suite.

  • It was against Bournemouth. Strangely enough I put a thread on our forum earlier this week asking if any one else remembered this surreal event. As no-one had, I googled it and this thread now appears.

    Good luck for the season anyway

  • Pretty sure it was against Notts County.

  • Well, the comment from AFCB becomes even more perplexing then! Perhaps he will later find out from another Google search that he used to support County!

  • Lionel Richie appeared on the pitch at Adams Park and people were singing at him to f off?


  • This is the current leader in the "weirdest thread on this forum" competition. Well done all.

  • I can categorically deny ever watching a Notts County away game, except at Bournemouth, or any Wycombe home game at Adams Park, as a neutral.

    Rest assured, Wycombe v Notts County on a Tuesday night would not tempt me to drive 30 miles.

    Our nearest match to the Notts County match in the report was Saturday Dec 2, 2000 when we won 3-0 ( Defoe and Carl Fletcher 2 ).

    The Bucks Free Press report was from a Tues eve game and stated he sang the song from the Woodlands Bar. Perhaps the stuff they shot didn't come out well enough to broadcast and they had to re-do it 6/7 weeks later. Surely they didn't do a live broadcast at the NC match ?

    I'm pretty sure he sang the song ( or songs ) on the pitch before the game. I always drive to your place so I can't blame a pre-match session for memory distortion.

  • @afcb if you read the Bucks free Press report you will see it was a Friday game the report was Tuesday.
    Further evidence it was Notts County -

    Time does funny things to the memory

  • He didn't sing on the pitch it was from the Woodland.

  • There was a partition at the end of the woodlands and he mimed behind that . I had a chicken and mushroom pie.

  • I bet the pie was better than the song?

  • What song did he sing?

  • Nothing memorable it was his latest single but it sank without a trace. Our paths crossed as I was taking three pints back to our table.

  • I think @afcb might have got confused with the time Alan Parry dressed up as Keith Flint and sang Firestarter at half-time during the FA Cup replay against Oxford City

  • I'm not saying he wasn't there for the Notts County game, I am saying he was there for a Bournemouth game. I remember thinking much the same as Blue_since_1990 " what the hell is a world famous star doing here ?"

    I wouldn't have thought that if I'd been watching Watchdog on the TV.

    My memory is that he sang a song on the pitch and that it was daylight. I would have been in the ground fairly early. No great fanfare, he did his bit and was gone. I remember saying to some mates who came later that Lionel Richie had just sung a number on the pitch.

    I remember wondering if he had fallen on hard times to have had to put in an appearance at WW. Although the nearest match to his appearance at the County match was Dec 2000, we did play you more or less every year around that time and always Sat pm.

  • Nope it was in the woodlands bar and he didn't actually sing just mimed to a track. He was promoting his new single . Im pretty sure he didn't do two games

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