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Well done England women

Good to see them progress. Perhaps they could show our mens team how to play tournament football.



  • Hear hear. It's about team spirit. A lesson we learned last season and one which the England men's team(s) don't seem to get. Woman for woman I don't think we were any better than Canada, possibly less, but squad cohesion can do great things.

  • Was a great match, the tackling at the back was awesome, noone was hesitant about who was supposed to be marking who, they saw a threat and dealt with it.

  • It makes a change to actually enjoy watching an England team in a tournament. The game against Canada was particularly memorable for the commentary, it’ll be a long time before you hear these words again…. ”England are two nil up in the World Cup quarter final!”

  • Can someone explain what this 'how to play tournament football' means? I heard it mentioned during and after the Euro U21s.

  • Tournament football to me, means stop harking about who we beat in the preliminaries but concentrate on who you are up against and if need be change and tinker with the side with a view of getting a result I.e settle for a draw with the view we will get a win the following game.

    To be honest it was refreshing to watch the women. No rolly pollies, no surrounding the ref when a decision was made. No blatant cheating and diving.

    Women football needs to be highlighted and shown a lot more than it does. I was sceptical at this competition but got to say it's been pleasure watching how the game should be played in the right spirit.

  • Some cracking goals too to be fair.

  • No blatant cheating but I believe I heard the commentator mention Farah Williams tying her laces to delay the kick-off after the second goal against Norway.

  • Lol honestly the womens game is so refreshing, throughout the tournament hardly much time wasting etc which to me aint cheating running a few seconds here or there.

    Diving, cursing match officials and surrounding the ref, plus effing and blinding is ridiculous, if we want to change players behaviour on the pitch take a leaf from the women.

  • We should take a leaf from rugby when it comes to on-field behaviour.

    Anyone who contests the refs decision, except the captain, is given an immediate yellow card.

  • Re 'Tournament football' - Qualifying games are easier to win than finals games. So teams (including England) win more games in qualifying. In finals of tournaments they generally progress until they come up against better sides who beat them. When have the men's side been bad at 'tournament football?' they just lose when they come up against a better side.

    So to me 'how to play tournament football' is the same as 'how to beat teams.' In other words the phrase is a recent media construction and a load of rubbish.

  • There's no shortage of skill in the women's game too. Loved the double nutmeg followed by an inch perfect 30 yard pass from Canada's Sinclair at the start of the highlights here:

  • Women's football is different from the men's game, mainly because of physique rather than skill. After watching the Germany v Ivory Coast women's world cup game and then the Slovenia v England mens qualifier, the speed of the passing and the relative lack of space and time on the ball in the mens game was very apparent. That isn't to say that there are some very skilful women footballers.
    If women played on smaller pitches with a slightly smaller ball to compensate for having smaller feet, then their game would start to resemble men's game more, though whether that would be a negative step is another debate.

  • @ReadingMarginalista , got to agree with you there. Lots and lots of space, but great advert for World of Football for us all.

  • What do you reckon, a mini GB tourney winning side from the 4 Nations get to represent GB as a whole. Job done.

  • Jill Scott reminds me somehow of Kevin Betsy.

  • Tough luck that!

  • To watch two of "my" teams effectively lose a critical game to a goal in stoppage time within a few weeks of each other seems a little unfair. But weren't they good? No question now they are one of the world's best women's teams. And unlike the Canada game, they had the confidence to play the ball out of defence. Such a gutting conclusion.

  • I've enjoyed the Women's World Cup, just got one issue. With the standard size goal & the smaller goalkeepers why didn't more teams employ the tactic to shoot/cross/pass the ball from outside the box into the top corner of the net? There were some 'wonder strikes' from way out but titchy keepers flapping in mid air made them look better than they really were.

  • The Japan 'keeper looked very tall - all things being relative, I suppose.
    @Wig_and_Pen - yes, reminiscent in a way, Horrible start (penalty conceded) and horrible finish. That's been my potted description of the play-off final.

  • @perfidious_albion The "titchy keepers" thing is a bit of a throwback/misconception I think. Karen Bardsley's the same height as our very own Alex Lynch, 1.8m. Not as tall as some but not exactly small. If there's one area that's improved beyond recognition in women's football over recent years (IMHO anyway) it's the standard of goalkeeping which certainly was dismal a decade ago.

  • edited July 2015

    Keepers may be taller & better than previous but the shot/cross from distance is still an under used tactic exploiting the player size to goal size ratio weakness in the women's game.
    Oh and whilst Lynchy did a brave job at the end of the season if he hasn't grown over the summer he has a limited future, sadly the days of a Martin Taylor are no more.

  • I think Martin Taylor would more than hold his own against any side in this division or League 1 today.

  • Today? Are you sure, @bill_stickers ? Martin Taylor's now 48!

  • Agreed bill_stickers but the formulaic systems employed to monitor player development (vis Brentford) mean that players outside the mold are now rejected

  • Reply to Mr Ciderk1d: "No blatant cheating and diving." Have a look at both the pens in the semi final!! If that's not diving, please tell me what. Bertie B was looking at the ref before she starting falling over.. It was all ok but not much better than L2, if that..

  • Hands up, I called it and I lost. Nevertheless I enjoyed the Womens World Cup.

    Hopefully the Womens league gets more air time.

    Well done ladies, the most successful English football side in decades.

  • Can't understand the hype myself. Didn't watch a single game. And I'm not that bothered about the England men's team any more either, missed them play countless times in recent years as they always fail to deliver and I really love football. I shall just have to rely on the wonderful memories that Alf Ramsey gave to he created England teams that were very hard to beat and there was the small matter of The Jules Rimet trophy that he delivered on.........

  • @MBS said:
    Can't understand the hype myself. Didn't watch a single game.

    Your second sentence explains your first.

  • re both my posts of July 2nd, may I sight USA's third goal in the final.

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