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Sunday quizletler

Which of the 91's carpark is taken by the lib Dems (constituency) but the stadium is Labour?


  • You can't Google that one my honourable @PrinceOfCrowell

  • You have to use geography/football knowledge here.

  • I know the answer to this one but will let someone else answer.

  • Go's very niche

    You have to explain your workings though...

  • If you knew the answer to those eight straight away...I don't believe it

  • In fact..explain your workings to those eight

  • Must be a London club? Fulham?

  • Visited when I had a business meeting back in March.

    I am stood in England but the ground and Van are in Wales

  • the go to but incorrect. Chester is no longer one of the 91

  • you need to be investigating a different part of the country

  • every shcoolgirl/boy knows chester straddles the Welsh border but that's a different question. This is higher level trivia

  • it is not london @Chris

  • the east side of the stadium literally touches the boundary (literally literally...not Jamie Redknapp literally)

  • Wrexham? Doesn't their ground strandle the border?

  • Are we still including Forest Green? Nailsworth is on a constituency border and the ground is unusually located so I could imagine the car park being slightly separate.

  • The independents were easy as widely reported on election night (as most involved an unexpected Labour defeat).

    For the Lib Dems, it’s just a case of going through each club vs knowing most of the 72 LD seats

  • LX1LX1
    edited July 8

    Great knowledge @PrinceOfCrowell.

    The boundary one is a Premier League stadium on the edge of town.

    @Otter87 good guess but the border is to the east of town (River Dee).

    @chris fgr was my first guess at libdem but is wholly in a lab constituency I believe.

  • Brighton?

  • Correct @Chris

    The libdem Lewes constituency encroaches right up the car park and touches the east stand. But the stadium remains in Labour territory (Brighton and Kempston I think)

    Map porn

  • The stadium of three sides in Oxford is only separated from newly Libdem Henley by Grenoble Road to the south

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