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Col U "friendly"

Does this not strike anyone as weird?

Not so much because of the legacy rivalry - although given that we haven't played them competitively since 2018, said rivalry will really not mean much to anyone under a certain age - but more because of the whole "nicking Bloomfield back after about 5 mins in charge, leaving them back in a relegation dogfight" angle.


  • Maybe it was part of the deal to bring Blooms home.

  • I'm more against the behind-closed-doors nonsense. Not long ago, we'd get sides from Spurs, West Ham or Chelsea down here. In return sending some form of side to the likes of Chesham and Marlow.

    Now it's each man for himself, the Prem sides going abroad and the likes of us petrified that some random supporter or god forbid a scout might find out about our tactics or player we have on trial. Now just a couple of crap friendlies and the occasional secretive bunch of trialists to a non-league club.

    A sad sign of the times.

  • I would think its more about cost. I'm not sure how much it would cost to open Adams Park for a friendly against Col U (or whoever) but I would imagine it outweighs the likely income from 4-500 interested souls. (But I do agree its a sad sign of the times).

  • I think Blooms left there on pretty good terms.

  • To give Rob his credit, I think he conducted the manager transfer for Matt in an excellent way. Col U were safe when Matt left them, it's just been a horror show for them in their league performance & lovely for us to watch their fall from grace

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