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Very Hot rumour today

The William Loosely (Billy Bobs) to close in August, was confirmed by a member of staff today.


  • let's hope its just for a refurb..

  • Oh dear I had heard similar comments- perhaps people were put off by Mr Tattler's disparaging remarks about the client base of Wetherspoons. And I think you need to check the meaning of rumour. If you have a reliable source to substantiate what you are saying it is not a rumour.

  • @Baldric I'm sure locals read the Gasroom avidly and avoid pubs where Mr Tattler writes withering put-downs about the clientele.
    As for it being a rumour, it isn't a statement from the decision maker, but 3rd hand information about something that is yet to happen.

  • Its a statement from a member of staff who presumably is now making decisions about what they do in August, so the message may be incomplete but hardly third hand.

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