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Sky fixture changes confirmed

Our away games at Blackpool and Northampton have been moved to 1230 kick offs for live broadcast. ‘All other games in August/Seltember should remain as scheduled,’ according to the club.


  • Expect the viewing figures will be through the roof for those games

  • No home game changes for the first 2 months then which is one positive.

    I wonder if OWWSA will have a new record early departure time for the Blackpool game? You'd have to allow 6 or more hours, so they'd be lucky to be starting as late as 6am for that one.

    You wonder if it was Carlisle away at 12.30 if it'd even be feasible!

  • On the plus side, no home games have been changed

  • How does Wanderers TV fit into the Sky package? As a subscriber to our TV channel, does it make sense continuing?

  • If you have the means to be abroad each weekend…

  • It's got to be worth the cost of a ticket to Vipienne to make sure the cash goes to WWFC and not Murdoch.

  • Why would the money go to Rupert Murdoch?

  • Murdoch sold his shares to Comcast over four years ago.

  • Old habits die hard but the sentiment remains the same, I'd rather Wanderers got the £10.00 to play with than whatever tiny piece of the £15.00 Sky charge for a day pass.

  • Isn't it the case that the only way to watch 3pm Saturday kick-offs is from Vipienne via Wanderers TV?

    They aren't going to be on Sky TV in the UK (home or away).

  • It is annoying when actual fans are inconvenienced for what is basically background music for pubs.

  • edited July 3

    Does it mean we have a tonne of home game moves later on in the season though?

    Although that would assume there's some sense to the 20 games a club minimum. Maybe they won't equally distribute between home and aways.

  • I think I heard it's 3rds - a 3rd now like this, a similar third announced before Christmas but the final third they base on what's happening in the table, probably a better explainer somewhere, must be.

  • Its a disgrace. absolutely no regard for supporters. Football is being ruined by Sky sports. Why cant the powers that be change the ruling on Saturday 3pm kick offs. It really is so outdated now and would have no bearing on crowds in the Premfix league.

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