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Tyreeq Bakinson confirmed

No idea on length of contract yet but hopefully a great signing.


  • I’m yet to find a single Sheffield Wednesday or Charlton Athletic fan with a good thing to say about him.

  • Bodes well if you're sceptical

  • People said that about Curtis Thompson and he didn’t turn out bad at all.

  • I’m a little surprised at his reputation amongst supporters.

    I still vividly recall his worldy against us for Bristol City in April 2021.

    I’m intrigued to see how he does.

  • Looks like he’s made a good number of appearances during his loan spells. Still young and brings some height to our midfield which can’t be a bad thing. I’m encouraged.

  • Well posters searching for anything you have good to say about almost anything regarding WWFC would probably have the same experience.

  • Another one that possibly wouldn't have happened if we hadn't have had Harlington as our Training Ground (Born in Camden, was at Charlton)

  • Football fans are a funny breed. Some Sunderland fans slated Josh and Luke. Some Millwall fans slated Fred. A number of Wycombe fans slated Allsop and he went on to play at a higher level. Anthony Stewart will tell you that sometimes it’s all about the club you play for.

    Can we get the best out of Tyreeq? I hope so!

  • Great post! I always back us to get more out of players than other clubs. Obviously we end up with the odd lemon, but I will withhold judgment until Bakinson has been firmly Wycombized!

    In the meantime, welcome Tyreeq! Looking forward to seeing you pull on the greatest colours on earth.

  • 6’3” midfielders who can score the occasional spectacular goal from distance are not two a penny and, for what it’s worth, he looks an affable character.

    Horses for courses. Proof of the pudding etc.

    Welcome to Adams Park.

  • Yep Welcome aboard

  • Blooms: "You're Bakinson"

    Tyreeq: "Yeah, that's my name?"

    Blooms: "Nooo, we've got a game Saturday, you were dropped last week and now you're..."

  • I'm not going to get too worried about some of the comments from other clubs' supporters. Lets wait and see for ourselves.

    There all bigger clubs than us and there is a difference in mentality (and toxicity) around the likes of Sheff Wed, Charlton, Bristol City etc. We saw that with what Sunderland fans made of Josh Scowen.

    I think we've had plenty of players who've been a success at Adams Park that would probably have drawn the same criticisms from supporters at bigger clubs.

    He sounds like a player that needs a fresh start and I think he's come to the right place.

  • Indeed you only have to look at Bayo to realise that when a player is labelled as "can't play football" it's not necessarily true.

  • With Dan Rice on board I am sure Bakinson has been through the data test. So whatever other teams have missed I am confident we will see, we are notoriously a home for wonderful discards.

  • Quote from a Charlton fan: "Will be mixed reviews from our fans but I quite liked him. Think he will fit in well at Wycombe"

    I also saw a comment from an SWFC fan on their forum to the effect, "he's not Championship standard but will probably do well at L1" - can't be arsed to dig up the page (was looking at it yesterday) but I think you'll agree it's not the kind of quote anyone would bother to make up.

    But in any case, such views aren't that bad.

    I think we've had mixed fortunes with the kind of signing where "they had a blinder against us so let's sign them"- I can think of Martin Bullock, Daryl Horgan as examples, I'm sure there's plenty more - but anyway, he's here now, let's see what he can do.

    I believe Leyton Orient were also in for him so there was at least interest from elsewhere.

  • Isn't the whole point of moneyball being able to find players that other teams don't want? Or at the very least spot players that are undervalued. Watching the Brad Pitt movie on a flight probably doesn't make me an expert on this.

  • Sounds like a classic bit of Wycombe recruitment. Welcome to the Blues!

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