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GA Transfer Poker

As each day goes by I have to wonder whether Gaz has a great list of players and is about to pull a couple of crackers out of the bag or whether he has got himself fixated on a small list (the Brentford 3 for example) and this is a bit sh1t or bust. Some pretty decent free's getting picked up on a daily basis (Anthony Grant today). I never get concerned until the end of June as players are still picking up a wage and have high salary expectations until they leave a payroll. I am sure that there are loads of agents making promises as well (Anthony Stewart's move to Anfield looks doubtful again) so hopefully the patient game will pay of like last season.
I don't mind having a quota of loans but I like to see loan players as icing on the cake, not the core of the squad.


  • I would say some deals are done but awaiting 1st july to come

  • I was wondering about this, so here's a list of when everyone signed last summer (source: COTN)

    Hayes: 14th May
    Pierre: 16th May
    Jombati: 23rd May
    Murphy: 19th June
    Jacobson: 1st July
    Evans: 1st July
    Lynch: 2nd July
    Rowe & Walker (Loans): 31st July
    Holloway: 9th August (had been on trial before)
    Mawson: 9th August (Loan)

    Obviously this year the season only finished for us on 23rd May so we were always going to behind the curve. However, it is striking when you looked at the quality we signed by doing our business early. Anyway, plenty of time yet, and as someone else pointed out in an other thread, GA has a clear track record of bringing in quality last season.

  • Brentford have an 18 year old striker who has been scoring goals for fun in the under 21s. I understand they are going to loan him out this season. Lets hope he comes to us!

  • @Chickenhead sadly I think our good relationship with Brentford will be somewhat spoilt with Warburton departing for Rangers, GA had a great relationship with him which is why we've had so many players on loan from them these past few seasons. Now that he's gone, I suspect we won't be seeing anywhere near the number of Bees players grace the Adams Park.

    However, I do understand that we have a deal in place with Aston Villa for loans, as Tommy Mooney is now their head of youth development (or something similar).

    With regard to the (supposed) lack of transfer activity, I have trust in Ainsworth that he is not merely concentrating his attention on the Brentford 3. He has been planning for 2015/16 with Howard since January, there will be other targets, of which negotiations with some will currently be at an advanced stage. He may just be waiting for the decision of Mawson before he can be given the green light to sign another CB for example. I am sure that come the start of the season we will have a squad full of quality, there is no need to panic at this second because we've only made two signings.

  • ChairboyTom yes i agree. Trust in Gaz!

  • In the interests of transparency and as a Season Ticket holder I think Gareth should stand in the Eden Centre on June 1st and shout out the names and present contract position of those players he is interested in and then all negotiations should be carried out on the Gas Room to be completed by the start of July. Is that REALLY too much to ask?

  • And the Eden Centre event should be live tweeted. Preferably by Matt Spring.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub, not forgetting these lists (Gaz's great list of players) go the other way, I wouldn't be surprised other teams have made enquiries about our current squad too. So I am not taking nothing for granted.

  • Sorry Spider - you ARE taking nothing for granted and you are right not to.

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