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Who should be the new captain?

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I don't think it has been announced yet, so a quick poll on where the sentiment would be for this. I have put what I think the three most realistic options are as far as players likely to start more or less every game.

Captain vote
  1. Who should be the new Wycombe captain?83 votes
    1. Josh Scowen
    2. Jack Grimmer
    3. Luke Leahy
    4. Other (specify in comments)


  • Jack Grimmer really stepped into the role. He's a natural captain, freeing Josh to concentrate on being the best midfielder in the league.

  • This is definitely an interesting result so far! In agreement with @aloysius, I do think Jack has more of the classic captain personality, but Josh is ever-present and our best player (to my mind), so there is always the "lead by example" argument.

  • I voted for Josh as he'd be a great leader with Grimmer as vice captain.

  • It doesn’t matter, because it’s not cricket.

  • Seems a bit premature with much recruitment still to be done, but either Scowan or Grimmer would work very nicely, it would have to be a very strong incoming candidate to supercede either of them.

  • As long as it’s not Harry Yeah No Kane.

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    Jack Grimmer every time. I’m more impressed with his intelligent, beautifully articulated views and, on the pitch, his irrepressible, demonstrable enthusiasm the more I see him.

    I’m a bit of a fan.

    Love Josh, of course, but I think Jack has a clear edge when it comes to verbal and physical demontrativeness (if that’s a valid word). Essentially, introvert versus extrovert.

    @Shev summed it up rather better.

  • I also think Jack will be an excellent manager in due course. One who could well go on to be a busy pundit/analyst.

  • It would be interesting to know who out of the squad is obtaining their badges. I only know of McCarthy, though someone said Vokes too, somewhere (I think?).

    I do know one of the players said they don't intend to go into management when on co-comms and it was someone surprising, but I can't 100% remember if it was Jack or someone else.

  • Jack is probably too bright. You could well be right.

  • Either way - as you so rightly said - a career in punditry could be a good call. Grimmer is one of my favourites on co-comms, and that is a quality field to stand out in!

  • Jack Grimmer confirmed as our new club captain.


  • Bloomfield has been reading the gasroom clearly. Excellent appointment, Grimmer fronts up really well and isn’t afraid to tell the truth when things aren’t brilliant, which is a good thing to have in a captain.

  • I think I was the first to call for this, mid season. Delighted by this decision and indeed all the many changes so far this summer. I'm normally quite pessimistic about chances of success but I think Matt may well have us in the top five by October.

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    How heavy is the League One trophy? Hopefully Jack is practising on that amount in the gym.

  • I can’t find the answer, but the League Cup apparently weighs 2,976 grams, the equivalent of 124 Tunnocks tea cakes.

  • This is great news, Jack’s a natural captain.

  • I’ve always been a fan of Jack but watching his interview with @bluntphil earlier…how can anybody not like the guy! The perfect leader for our troops.

  • Yep happy with this, maybe a couple of great loans and we’ll be good to go.

  • I want to know why Tunnocks think that a biscuit with marshmallow on top is a dead ringer for a teacake.

  • Good call. When we were shit last season he was quite honest about it, didn't shy away and was very open about the need for everyone to up their game.

    The other candidate I might have considered would be Gmac. Fantastically experienced and quite inspiring with his level of fitness and ability at the age of 37.

  • Love GMac. But your captain has to be on the pitch 90% of the time. GMac won’t play more than 50%

  • Do we know who is Vice-Capt? I'm guessing it'll be someone like Scowen or Leahy?

  • Talking about 90%, it was interesting to hear Jack say during his interview with @bluntphil that the club captain’s rôle is 90% off the pitch. That’s where he will be an absolute standout.

  • @micra if no one else did, I noticed the circumflex in “rôle”.

  • Thanks @OakwoodExile. Excessive attention to detail, even by my standards!

    Probably superfluous or incorrect.

  • Not too much of a fan of the tea cakes but Tunnocks dark chocolate caramel wafers are food of the gods and we still need them in the kiosks .

    good work with the new training ground but second on MLs list should be this

  • Spotted heading towards Adams Park ..

  • Although they have to wait for this lot to unload...

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