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Just listened to a fascinating podcast featuring our new owner which appears on the Wycombe Wanderers Friends page on Facebook. I have no idea how to post the link and at 50 minutes it’s a long listen so I will try to précis the most important points:

* His command of English is perfect, fast talking and fluent and if it wasn’t for the slightest of accents you would never guess that it wasn’t his native language.

* He comes from a humble family background in Georgia where his parents and other relatives still live. His parents were poor but preferred to spend money on giving him a good education than putting food on the table.

* He was turned down by Harvard Business School at the first attempt to enrol but persevered and was eventually accepted.

* His company Kaspi was a bank when they first employed him straight from Harvard but he has turned it into one of the most successful technology companies in the world.

* He is clearly very driven and is constantly setting new targets to improve whatever business in which he is involved.

* He believes passionately in customer service and in talking to people to find out what they want.

* Football is his favourite sport and he is determined to launch a world class academy in the UK (I don’t know if the interview was recorded before or after he bought WWFC) to help young players in Kazakhstan and further afield.

He came across as a very intelligent, positive and articulate guy who won’t take no for an answer once he has set his sights on the next target. Early days for us, of course, but his enthusiasm was infectious.



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