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Chinnor Rugby Football Club

Since Chinnor RFC are in the RFU Championship, if the situation is that they get promoted to the Super League, Would Wycombe be viable tennants. Wouldn't be the first time a Super League game had played at Adams Park?

Their current ground in Thame only holds 2,500


  • They are a really good community club with some excellent entertainment put on to attract youngsters. It helps that the ground is right next to the large housing estate of course so people can walk across the road for cheap(ish) beer and a bit of sport. Relocating to 30 mins away would kill this.

    No relegation this season so I understand so interesting what their 2-year plan is.

  • The 'Super League' is Rugby League.

    The top division in Rugby Union is the Gallagher Premiership.

  • No egg chasing on the hallowed turf !!!



    And no again

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    1) Chinnor Rugby Club is a well run and respected club in the area, the only issue is that they are based in Thame.....

    2) As they are an Oxfordshire Club, would they not move to Oxford's ground. Give it a season and they'll be the only users of it!

    3) With our new owners, its not like we need the money......

  • Pleased for Chinnor but last time we had rugby at Adams Park we lost money and it ruined the pitch. Never again.

  • Can't believe anyone would ever want rugby to be played at AP again.

    Horrific prospect.

  • A hard no from me.

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    Ok so I had a dumb moment and confused Rugby League and Union,

    And it looks like a resounding No to the answer.

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