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Icc 20twenty world cup

edited June 10 in Not Football

Whenever Bumrah is brought into the bowling attack..does anyone else immediately think of She -rah and Liono?


  • I made that joke over dinner earlier to a stony silence and blank stares.

  • I always think he must have the fastest arm in cricket.

    I’m not familiar with the characters you mentioned. Have to admit bumrush always comes to mind.

  • Cheetara not she ra. She ra was he man. Sorry.

    Stop getting eighties cartoons wrong! (Alan Partridge voice)

  • It was either Cheetara or Michaela Strachan who was my first crush. Got mixed up over time

  • Possibly why the dinner guests were disgusted @Lloyd2084 😀

  • Not a clue...

    I'm more likely to be bothered to look up the cartoon references than the cricket ones.

    I can't wait for the resumption of some more football (preferably WWFC), although a brief distraction by England (and Scotland) will make the summer more tolerable.

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