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The Great Ground Vote - Quarter Final 4

The ultimate Old v New?

Ground Vote - QF4
  1. Which do you like better out of these two grounds?62 votes
    1. Hillsborough - Sheffield Wednesday
    2. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - Tottenham Hotspur


  • Note: I am putting this QF up early to let all four votes run through the weekend.

  • The current state of play, Ryder Cup style:

    Midlands v London 1UP

    North v London 1UP

    Midlands v London 1UP

    North v London 1UP

    London currently leading in all four against the North/Midlands, but it could all easily swing back the other way.

  • I’m going for Hillsborough as I was there for the Davor Suker goal in Euro 96. (And I’ve never been to Spurs new ground)

  • hell of a ground the new spuds one

  • edited June 8

    It's not a chip off the old one, they needed to mash things up a bit more @username123.

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