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The Great Ground Vote - Quarter Final 1

We are down to the last eight, and with these head to head matchups there will now be the benefit of additional photos inside the grounds.

Ground Vote - QF1
  1. Which of the following two grounds do you like better?68 votes
    1. Meadow Lane - Notts County
    2. Selhurst Park - Crystal Palace


  • I’ve no idea how Meadow Lane with 4 similar looking stands and always half empty is still in this competition and currently 50/50 with Palace who have terrific matchday atmospheres!

    Awaits significant up thumbing and down thumbing ….

  • edited June 6

    I'm assuming the vote isn't about the ground itself otherwise how on earth does the soulless Meadow Lane stay in the competition when its near neighbour is voted out.

  • Oh come on! You have been around on here enough to know that 50% of the votes for Meadow Lane will be purely to (gently and respectfully) wind up our sizeable Forest supporting denizens.

  • Think people preferred Selhurst when you could get a weekly shop in from Sainsburys during half time.

  • I thought it was just about Charlton. Is it the whole south-eastern quarter of London now? Are we going to get chippy remarks about Hayes Lane soon?

  • It’s about time Hayes Lane got some shit. It used to have real character but the new stand at the far end is an abomination. At least they now have to rip up that appalling plastic pitch.

  • I think all of us had grounds we are surprised are in/out!

  • Nottingham is a decent day out for footy, either side.

    It's a big old ground with former glory and we always tend to do well there. People have obviously forgotten Kevin Nolan, or are maybe still laughing at him.

  • We've played 18 games at Meadow Lane - 8 wins, 5 draws, 5 defeats. Decent record, but not many games to live in the memory. None of those matches have featured more than 3 goals, and two of our list three visits have finished goalless. The ground has never been even half full for a Wycombe game there.

  • This is a titanic battle. Well done all! Still a couple of days for the winner to pull ahead too.

  • Meadow Lane is a fantastic ground, kept its character despite becoming all seater, right next to the river in a terrific football city. What is not to like about it?

  • A controversial bistro near Meadow Lane may have swayed a few gasroomers.

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