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The Great Ground Vote 2nd Group Stage - G8

The last of 28 straight group votes!

Ground Vote - Group G8
  1. Which is your favourite out of the following four grounds?59 votes
    1. Stamford Bridge - Chelsea
    2. Falmer Stadium - Brighton & Hove Albion
    3. London Stadium - West Ham United
    4. Brisbane Road - Leyton Orient


  • The Amex stadium looks quite spectacular when looking down on it from the South Downs.

  • Apart from the behaviour of our fans at the last game I have always had a good time at the Brisbane Road.

  • Stamford Bridge was the first ground I ever went to so it has big nostalgia value for me but other than the East Stand it isn't really the same stadium anymore. Got to be Brisbane Road in that case.

  • Did anyone else on here get picked up in a minibus on Frogmoor in the late eighties to steward at Stamford Bridge? What a shitty job that was.

  • 0% for the Boris dome in the shopping centre. Probably about right.

  • I went with Falmer Stadium as the stadium / complex doubles up as Brighton University campus for their sport based courses and it's impressive that the ground is built into the side of a hill.

    If Wycombe were going to build a new stadium, I'd like to think that the owner uses the same guy who did this stadium

  • Mid 90s for me , Reading (Elm park) one weekend, Stamford Bridge the next, Chelsea was always a bit easier as it was all seater by then and I could get their coach there but stay in London for the weekend. Paid sod all but nice days out.

  • Blimey I wouldn't have wanted to work as a steward at Stamford Bridge in the 80s

    I did at Lords, The Oval and Glorious Goodwood (!) in the 90s. Minibus used to pick us up outside The Falcon. The cricket one was excellent because they needed loads of stewards early on to check bags etc but after that initial rush was a lot less to do so you could do a rota and spend the time you weren't working finding an empty seat and watching test cricket.

    Goodwood was a nightmare, people drinking too much and fighting.

  • I did one season (as we've talked about before) at Chelsea, Stevenage and one at Elm Park. I do still wonder if we crossed paths!

    Any interesting stewarding stories? I have a few mildly interesting/irritating ones.

  • Orient for me, a bit of character.

    Worst by far is Wet Sham, a truly terrible place to watch football.

  • Think you were a little earlier from previous conversations, being told all about the Zulus then led over to watch the away ground was an eye opener for the first game.

  • I was the 1996/97 season, which I only remember because I got both the 3rd round (West Brom) and 4th round (Liverpool) cup games for Chelsea, who went on to win it.

  • Was the Liverpool one the one in the snow? Might have overlapped although I think I had moved on to steward directly for the mighty wanderers by then.

  • I don't think so, though may have been. All I remember about that game is being next to a female steward from London who said she did not care about football at all, but liked stewarding to look at fit lads running around with bare legs.

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