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The Great Ground Vote 2nd Group Stage - G6

What a group today!

Ground Vote - Group G6
  1. Which is your favourite out of the following four grounds?69 votes
    1. Anfield - Liverpool
    2. Old Trafford - Manchester United
    3. Fratton Park - Portsmouth
    4. Kirklees Stadium - Huddersfield Town


  • Another very tough one. Haven't been to Anfield since they built the new stand but can't imagine it's diluted the atmosphere. Great place to watch a game when it's rocking.

  • I can't stand Old Trafford. Even 25 years ago before it was more or less falling down I never liked it when I watched England games there

  • Wow this is a toughy.

    I love watching football at Fratton Park (when the weather doesn’t intervene) but inside Anfield you can just feel the history.

    Liverpool it is (sorry @ryan_w_kirkby2 !)

  • Went last season when they opened the new stand. Atmosphere felt very strange/subdued for a Derby game.

    Wasted my vote on Old Trafford.

  • Agree, it seemed to be more shop than ground and it was a dog to get away from even with it's own train and tram stations. Was a near 24 HR round trip for one England game without even stopping for a beer. The statues are impressive though.

    I hear Pompey have finally started to do some work on fratton but it was a long time coming. After the abandoned game some of their fans were telling tales of Don Carlo turning up with AC Milan for a game after they won the cup and just asking what the hell had happened there and how it was allowed. No doubt will be a grand old ground again when it gets some TLC and it's another where as a Wycombe fan you feel some pride to be on equal terms with them.

    Absolutely love visiting Anfield.

  • only been to Fratton and Hudds, so I voted for Fratton - easy.

    I can't possibly vote for Hudds against whom we have such an appalling record - I feel the one time I went was probably the 3-0 defeat in 2011, so at least I missed out on the 6-0 away shoeing (and was thankfully away on holiday for the 6-0 home defeat).

  • But it's a lovely stadium.

  • Huddersfield, for aesthetic reasons.

    Probably the best looking ground of all.

  • Huddersfield for me, both for its great looks and because we were in the first game there.

  • Pompey came close but Liverpool for me. Modernised and still retains its charm.

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