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Club vs Country

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England can be switched for another country and the FA cup can be switched for another achievement, obviously. But the question is club or country?

Club vs Country
  1. Well?80 votes
    1. England win the Euros
    2. Wycombe win the FA cup


  • I voted for England because it's the least likely to actually happen in anything other than a fantasy universe.

    With MLs backing Wycombe will win the FA Cup within 5 years (I've seen the business plan, comes just before "Don't worry it's my money I'm spending").

  • Club every time.

    WW winning the FA Cup is more fanciful if you take the likely quality of the players trying to achieve the task vs. the quality of the players they would face.

    But I genuinely don’t think people would know what to do if Ingerlund won the Euros, the narrative arc of:

    * overhyping,

    * questioning team performance after some ropey game in the group stages,

    * then the inevitable choke the minute we face anyone of real quality, followed by a good week or two of self-flagellation

    is such a well-trodden path that to deviate from that might be more than the national psyche could take.

  • I would take Wycombe winning a single promotion over England winning something, let alone the FA Cup!

  • Wycombe in the championship next season with a plan for long term growth makes staying up likely over England winning anything. One of those is far more likely. Which one you think I mean depends on whether you think I’m a bed wetter or an optimist 🤣

  • Wycombe more important the England. I could live without the latter, but the former would leave a big hole if it didn't exist.

    However, I don't really care what level we play at. Whereas I'm desperate to see England win something. So I'd take a couple of relegations if it meant England winning a WC or Euros.

  • I know it's unpatriotic, but I have no real interest in the England International team and rarely watch them on TV. Its full of overpaid, overhyped and largely arrogant Premier League players. I am much more likely to watch a smaller international team if a Wycombe player is involved. Wycombe winning anything would trump whatever England achieved.

    However, I love watching the England cricket team whether it be Test or one day.

  • I get following your club whatever the circumstances, but to say you don't really care and would take a few relegations, that's quite unusual.

  • I’d have taken Wycombe winning the Bristol Street Motors Trophy over England winning the Euros all day long.

    I think it would have meant about ten times more to me really.

  • Nowadays I would struggle to put a name to a face with half the England squad which makes it less interesting to watch. Wycombe in the Championship without lockdown would be enough for me.

  • If Wycombe were playing away to Exeter on a Tuesday night in a mid-table league 1 match the same time England were playing in the semi final of the World Cup if I had to choose I would rather Wycombe got 3 points than England get through to the final.

    I want England to win games and tournaments but I just don’t care in the same way I do about Wycombe.

    On the ‘crime’ of being non-patriotic (and in the context of being someone who played, watches and enjoys Rugby Union) I always want the English Rugby Union team to lose to WHOEVER they are playing. I can’t say I have ever really understood why.

  • England winning things would be great for far more people, of course it wouldn't solve any issues in society or make the world a better place but we'd have a good party for a couple of weeks and could at least stop the dreaded years of hurt going from 30 up to 100. It's not that we have any god given right to it but we've got some very good players and have tried every flavour of manager possible.

  • I'd take Wycombe winning the paint pot over England winning anything.

  • England are going into this tournament with expectations too high anyway, I think. I am hearing noise about our greatest ever squad, when we have a seriously below bar defensive unit for England. Our midfield and attack is balanced, deep and deadly, but it may not make up for the lack of top class defenders in the end.

    Wycombe, on the other hand, are set to have one of our best ever squads, except we also WILL have the necessary defenders!

  • England do have their greatest ever squad.

    I dismiss the notion of club vs country. There is absolutely no need to choose, and I'm equally desperate to see both succeed.

    I consider myself quite cynical but international tournaments are magical times, and literally since I can remember I've been excited to watch them, desperate for England to do well and gutted when we get eliminated.

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    There was a time where England could call on the likes of Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole defensively, while still having the likes of Lampard, Gerrard, Scholes, Rooney etc. available going forward. I can see argument for most unified squad ever, and even best attacking options ever - and we are certainly more balanced than a squad that tried to wedge Scholes, Gerrard and Lampard in the same team - but aside from possibly Kyle Walker I don't think we have a single current defender who would be anywhere near starting for those teams of yesteryear.

    You can make head to head arguments with our current attacking crop of excellence, but it would be fine margins. Even if you give us the slight nod in attack, the gap in defensive quality can't be overhauled in my opinion.

  • They have the weakest defence in years. Take out Kyle Walker and their lack of pace is frightening.

  • They have already achieved far more than the team you mention. They will go on to achieve much more in the next few years

  • I voted for England just to shut up the media for a little bit. Wycombe have had lots of success recently with our visit to the Championship & Wembley days out that we can enjoy that for a while

  • Feel Eze could be the man to swing this vote a little

  • Ah I see - based on achievements I would definitely agree they are better than the "golden generation", though I would put them behind the 1966 squad in that case.

  • That's difficult to argue against. Perhaps I should have said best England squad in my lifetime

  • Your reasoning makes sense either way. If we awarded points for wins, finals, semis etc., they would have outscored pretty much everyone.

  • Just think of the forum PNLs with their little big club syndrome after we won it.

    Sorry, there is no England win that would match that moment .

  • Golden generation may actually have won something if Sven didn’t play a fucking 442

  • Yeah, and Giggs choosing Wales killed us too - we never had much of a left side to our attack.

  • Giggs was never qualified to play for England.

    He played for England schoolboys because he went to school in England. But he's Welsh. Born in Wales to Welsh parents

  • Imagine how many goals they’d have added just by playing Guppy on the left.

  • Gareth Bale could have played for England though.

  • And that, @Malone, is the politest understatement of the week. A few relegations would take us out of the Football League unless we’re talking longer term than I can countenance!

    I’m looking forward to the Euros, excited at the prospect of seeing some scintillating performances by the current crop of incredibly talented younger players and the goal machine that is Harry Kane.

    But I share the general view about the vulnerability of our defence, epitomised last night by a left sided defender (sorry, only watched a few minutes at a time in deference to mrs micra so didn’t pick up name) passing 30 yards square just in front of our penalty area more or less directly to a Bosnian player. But those last few minutes were certainly exciting with Grealish in particular looking superb.

    Shame I missed Eze, my Gasroom profile pic.

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    One of my all time favourite football memories was seeing Guppy in the England shirt. I even got his name on the back of my shirt to some bemusement from others!

    So unlucky not to get follow up caps too. If memory serves me correctly he was on the bench for one of the 2 legged tie games v Scotland but was injured for the other.

    Got a few other caps like B cap and overaged u21 cap too.

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