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The Great Football Ground Vote - Group F

Today's stadia:

Ground Vote - Group F
  1. Which is your favourite out of the following four grounds?75 votes
    1. Broadhall Way - Stevenage
    2. Elland Road - Leeds United
    3. Moor Lane - Salford City
    4. Loftus Road - QPR


  • Unfortunate enough only have been to Stevenage out of these four. It's got to be Elland Road, one of few grounds with all four stands names after former players.

  • Been to Stevenage quite a few times which has sentimental memories having grown up in North Herts, worked in the town and had first son born in the Lister Hospital.

    Memories of QPR include being stuck in a corner with restricted view, arguing with stewards who would not open the lower tier despite the pressure of our numbers up above and a certain game where WWFC ended with 9 players after a mistaken identity second red card.

    Only trip to Leeds was in the middle of a cold weather spell but a warm welcome when we got there - again apart from over keen stewards.

    But Elland Road probably just gets my vote for atmosphere.

  • I’m going to abstain on this one.

    QPR has character but as per @AlanCecil my trip there that one Boxing Day witnessing some of the biggest injustices in Chairboys history disqualifies them.

    I’ve not been to the others, but I suspect the correct answer is Elland Road.

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    Have never seen Wycombe play at any of these four, and only visited one overall, so QPR gets my vote

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    Loftus Road has character but some of the worst leg room I’ve known.

  • Went for Salford. We were new boys once!

  • Define a 'proper' club? Salford City have been around for years before their current owners turned up. I went to see them play Sutton a few weeks ago and it's a genuinely lovely place to watch football with a very friendly atmosphere.

  • So does Elland Road. You wouldn't want to sit in either for too long. I voted for Loftus Road because I think the atmosphere per capita there is brilliant. I like Elland Road, but Loftus Road packs a lot into a little.

  • Project 92 completely changed the identity of the club, right down to the kit colour. Not a fan of that kind of thing, personally.

  • The Leeds stewards, for our game there, were relentless in getting absolutely everyone to sit down. There were endless arguments with fans. Great old style stadium and committed fans, so my choice.

    QPR is just too cramped. I remember going to a game there in the early 80s, against Swansea I think. Got there 15 minutes late, nobody about, so the turnstile operator took my money at a reduced price, and asked me to climb over the turnstile, so it didn't click over.

    If you get to Stevenage early enough, parking is easy across the road. Not an inspiring ground but would rather go there than Oxford.

  • Elland Road at one point had the largest cantilevered roof in the world, might still be. Gets my vote just for that. Also, legroom was fine when I went, though I was in with home fans.

  • I think Scunthorpe's old ground had the first cantilever-roofed stand in the world

  • QPR for me, but who voted for Stevenage?

  • Scholes was an Oldham kid, the Neville's and their father had decades deep links with Bury. Using their name, a Singaporean billionaire's money and a Sky TV documentary to pull a park club up a few divisions while they both imploded might be impressive, probably quite difficult, doing good bits in the community etc but does it help anything that was there along or have any authenticity? Other than the hundred odd folks who used to go to Salford I can't really see why anyone cares. The new fans would almost certainly have supported one of the others in the same circumstances.

    They also have an interesting challenge now that in reality none of their owners have much interest in them growing beyond where they already are, if they were to even get in the championship they'd probably only cause their Utd legend owners embarrassment by upstaging the mother ship that gives them their ongoing relevance and Sky paydays.

  • Seen us win at Stevenage, not seen us play at QPR but have been with Everton and Salford is one of my missing 5 to complete the 92.

    Leeds I've been loads of times with Everton but went in 2010 to watch us draw and stayed over. Great day and night (what I can remember) and that gets my vote.

  • I have very short legs, those on the Gasroom who know me will confirm. I get a kick out of taking lanky folk into old pubs with low beams (once treated a 6ft 4ins Zimbabwean to a pre-match experience at the Old Sun in Lane End). Had I noticed the legroom issue, I probably would have enjoyed Loftus Rd all the more, as it was I was comfortable and enjoying a great view of the pitch minus the final one metre that really matters. Not being able to see the actual goal from the top tier was a definite demerit.

  • QPR was very fun albeit frustrating during the 4-3 reverse. Great atmosphere for a ‘Div 2’ game, with the caveat that I had to crane my neck to see the corner flag below. Haven’t been to Leeds but sounds like my experience at Southampton. If you twitched you got shouted at yet the other three quarters of the stand with home fans were allowed to remain upright throughout.

  • My first game was at QPR watching them play Newcastle. I was in the away end (with a few other Wycombe fans) and the Toon were 4-0 up at half time. The final score was 5-5. Only game Waddle got a hatrick. So it’s Loftus road for me

  • Went for Loftus Road. Great ground, been so many times. Great drama in the 4-3 game. Father and Grandfather supported them, as did my brother and I. Growing up we had a prem team and a non league team, then we entered the football league, where I'd be looking out for both results each weekend.

    In 2001, it came to a head, well Paul McCarthy's head actually with a majestic 93rd minute winner in our first ever league meeting. I spent 90 minutes not really supporting anyone until that goal. I've never looked at a QPR result since!

    Been to Elland Road three times, twice in the home end as a neutral and each time a minority of the locals were appallingly behaved. Really made me think would I ever want to come here regularly. Atmosphere can be electric but really agressive. They are not very patient with players and manager!

    Stevenage had some friendly stewards on last visit, the bar for away fans was decent and it's an ok place to visit. It's just a shame they keep employing the likes of Westley and Evans.

    Salford was really friendly, good bar at the ground, decent food around the ground as well. It's just disgraceful that the class of 92 changed their colours to that of Man Utd.

  • Loftus Road is superb. Shame they didn't come down.

    Elland Rd also excellent, although stewarding was terrible when I visited.

    Stevenage is one of the worst grounds in the league.

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