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I would suggest it's important to remember our Chiltern defences ahead of the Bolton v Oxford playoff final



  • Bolton Trotters ‘Whites of Beaconsfield’ could deploy us as fifth columnists and supply dazzling smiles (from the Taff@Revs range). As the PLU head towards Wembley and come up through the Stokenchurch cut or out of Saunderton on the Chiltern Line we all flash them a knowing grin, when temporarily blinded that’s when we ‘send them home boys, ta think again’. Oxford defeated / we have new nashers - it’s win/win

  • Is @FarmerCee still hanging around here? I hope he understands the requirement for Bolton to win on Saturday!

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    The only qualm I have about Bolton winning is that they are far better company than the PNL. Our own division will be slightly less pleasant for their absence

  • Good point. Will miss going there. Whereas Oxford is a horrible away

  • I agree with all the above but I still can’t bring myself to wanting the PNL to win.

  • I think Oxford will win. I hope not, but will not lose any sleep if they do. Our promotion beating them head to head is bragging rights. Them having a genuinely good season and going up without beating us is not bragging rights, just a cycle of success.

  • I’m also think they will win. I’ll be glad of a season not going to the Kassam stadium which is the worst away game of the season in my opinion due to the way they manage the away fans every year.

  • If they go up and I really hope they don’t will be interesting to see if they can stay there . Just got this feeling that with their new wycombe style of the dark arts they could overcome Bolton.

  • I really hope that Bolton win. However Oxford would more than likely struggle in the Championship, unless they are able to strengthen significantly. It will be great fun seeing them in the bottom 3 throughout the season.

    if Bolton do lose it could trigger changes there with a transitional season ahead. Peterborough almost sure to make a lot of changes to their squad too.

    Next season is going to be very competitive in League 1 with up to a dozen clubs fighting for promotion/ playoffs. I can’t wait!!!

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    If I were a betting man, I’d have a fiver on Oxford.

    Boltons celebrations after winning the playoff semi seemed like “ mission accomplished”. I hope I am wrong but it seemed like that was the big deal for all of them and not the final game itself.

    Had similar concerns after our win in the MK playoff game. That second leg is still talked about like it was the pinnacle of the season, and then we got out played in every department in the actual final.

    Would 100% like to be proven wrong though.

  • Your analysis of our Sunderland misadventure is sadly spot on.

  • Easy for me to say it with hindsight though. And, to be honest, the way that game played out and the circumstances behind it (fans split, put in the upper tier etc etc) I don’t really begrudge any one for any of those celebrations.

    I just see that it’s hard for a team to get themselves back up to that level once they’ve celebrated, for the want of a better phrase, “too much”.

  • Probably the only time in the GA years when we looked completely overawed by the occasion.

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    I recognise that some folk don’t like to hear this but I firmly believe that ‘selling out’ to the short term financial gain of letting Sunderland take the top tier of our side of Wembley had a massive negative physiological effect. Imposter syndrome played its part on the day.

  • I don't really buy it @perfidious_albion. Sunderland were just better than us that day. They were going to have 40,000 fans there anyway - giving them an extra 10k didn't make Stockdale more likely to mis-read the flight of Embleton's shot.

    You sometimes have to pinch yourself that we were even in a position where we played a club the size of Sunderland, on an equal footing, for a shot at promotion. On the day Goliath won, as he really should've done.

  • Much more significant, for me, than the actually numbers would be how vocal those people were.

    Sunderland had near to 50000 versus an average home attendance of almost 31000 - we had nearer to 25000 versus an average home attendance of below 6000.

    Of course their supporters were going to make more noise and create more atmosphere. A greater percentage, >50% probably, were likely to be regular supporters rather than just being there for the spectacle.

    That's even before you take account of the lack of noise and atmosphere that we generate at WWFC normally.

    If we want to seriously compete with clubs in the Championship - for atmosphere - we simply have to figure out how to engage with more young fans so that by the time they are older teenagers/young adults they are passionately invested in WWFC. It's not an overnight fix but rather a long term project IMHO.

  • Yep, it was a terrible move that we should never agreed to.

  • I find most grounds don't have great home atmospheres these days. I'm not sure we're particularly worse.

  • I don't attend any grounds other than AP, in the home end, so can't comment. However, the point is that unless you are passionately invested in a club you don't create atmosphere.

  • Yeah, I agree. And I think we can all see the answers - do more to engage the local youth etc - so why don't the club seem to?

  • You'd prefer to deny supporters the chance to support their team at Wembley even though there is plenty of room to accommodate them?

    Each to his own but that could not be further removed from the way I think

  • Football is for the fans.

  • Trotters yet to turn up at Wembley. Upside no not a derby derby, downside PNL crowing about how massive they are☹️

  • Bolton were very poor today, didn’t really turn up. Memories of our game against Sunderland.

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    Well we don't have to play poxford next season so a silver lining.... and it will be so sweet when we go up as the come down next season.... (blue tinted glasses maybe)

  • Hate being right about the semi celebrations.

    always had to get everyone up for a final after that.

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    That was one of the worst playoff performances I've ever seen from Bolton. Made our performance v Sunderland look good. Can't believe Oxford are up after their two mediocre performances against us this year. They didn't even get anywhere near our goal across 90 mins in the home game, and got that extremely dodgy 90+7 min pen at the Kassam

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