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The Great Football Ground Vote - Group E

Today's stadiums:

Ground Vote - Group E
  1. Which is your favourite of the following four grounds?76 votes
    1. Portman Road - Ipswich Town
    2. The Hawthorns - West Bromwich Albion
    3. The County Ground - Swindon Town
    4. Sixfields - Northampton Town


  • Portman Rd. A magnificent old fashioned football stadium

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    I nearly went for The Hawthorns as travelling there with thousands of other Chairfolk for the cup replay was my first visit to a big league club and I was in awe of the surroundings, having only been to Kettering and Runcorn for my previous away days.

    But Portman Road is a wonderful old ground, slap bang in the middle of the town with a great atmosphere to boot. I’ve only ever seen is get whalloped there but I came away thinking how great it would be for us to have our ground back in the middle of Wycombe again. If only…

    Portman Road it is.

  • Can we all agree that if anyone votes for sixfields @drcongo needs to issue an immediate lifetime ban.

  • Has to be Portman Road for me, as one of my favourite grounds full stop.

    This competition is reminding me that there are plenty of old fashioned grounds left vs the modern day bowl too!

  • It was inevitable - like asking someone not to vote MOTM for a player who scored a hattrick of own goals and flipped off the terrace.

  • I assumed Malone had done it because the parking is good

  • I was tempted because of the excellent parking and ease of egress. Then I remembered how effing cramped it was last time I went. I went with the Hawthorns for the reasons @Lloyd2084 outlined above - it was the first "big" club ground I went to too.

  • Hate to be that guy @Shev, but "stadia". Sorry.

  • Had to go County Ground, but didn't really want too! Only been to that and Sixfields from this set, and can't bring myself to vote for a ground I've not visited over one I have at any point of this vote, so County Ground it was - got some fond memories of visiting with Swindon Town mates when I was at school and standing behind their goal on a Tuesday night before scrambling to get the last train home. Would love to make a visit to Portman Road, but it's a bloody long way from Manchester!

  • Never trust any ground in a retail park with a nearby Frankie & Benny’s

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    I never mind being corrected - but I thought both were acceptable?

    Either way - Group F gets to be stadia! 😁

  • Portman Road - seeing Blooms run out to lead the side at his hometown club brought a tear to the eye! Wins on that alone.

    WBA is a great place, and the cricket club opposite which name escapes me, is good for prematch. It's also where Bucks won the National 3 day competition recently.

    Least said about the other two the better!

  • Easy. Portman Road. I was a regular there in the late 70s / early 80s. Cracking ground and great atmosphere (apart from when Tottenham came to play).

    Still preferred my occasional trips to Loakes Park though…

  • West Bromwich Dartmouth is the cricket ground, with Bucks now an important part of its history, having recorded the highest ever score there.

    That FA Cup replay at The Hawthorns felt as though we had arrived in the big time, nearly 5,000 fans on the terrace behind the goal. Two regrets that night, not getting the result we deserved, and not spotting the chap selling tea with an urn strapped to his back!

  • It really is unbelievably crap as seen in that picture. Actually far worse than I'd remembered.

  • Portman road is stunning, has been used for a load of TV filming as the outsides are lovely and traditional, it's age doesn't seem to impact on the supporter like every hipsters favourite "the Kenny" a phrase that seems to have been mostly invented recently. Before people vote for that shit hole devoid of even the most basic facilities later btw try and remember the loss of blood flow to your legs if you were unfortunate enough to visit.

    Northampton promises decent transport but the traffic clogs up round that estate like it does at the three sides and that also renders the bus and then train (if it's actually working) pretty useless

    Btw Portman road has not one but two statues of England managers including the only (mens) one to have ever won anything unless you are including the tournoui.

  • The Hawthornes is one of the very few grounds I’ve never been to but even if I had I suspect I’d still go for Portman Road. It’s a proper ground that manages to stay the right side of traditional and having “character”, where as most that claim to be are simply just old and crap.

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