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The Great Football Ground Vote - Group C

Today's lineup:

Ground Vote - Group C
  1. Which is your favourite out of the following four grounds?77 votes
    1. New Meadow - Shrewsbury Town
    2. St. Andrews - Birmingham City
    3. Hillsborough - Sheffield Wednesday
    4. Boundary Park - Oldham Athletic


  • Sheffield has some lovely trams dropping you off close to Hillborough and it’s a big ground with a great view of the pitch. Visited when the Arctic Monkeys were in their full pomp, the city is a treat for a full weekender. Didn’t bump into Bean-o, didn’t bump into Beanhead, minor disappointments.

  • How is Boundary Park fourth? I’m losing faith in the Gasroom.

  • Too windy

  • Was the mankini at Oldham?

  • Has to be Hillsborough. Whilst I can't shake 1989 completely from my thoughts on this, it is a lovely old ground to watch football in. St Andrews desperately needs an upgrade, and the fans never seem anything other than grumpy, even in their successful periods. I've only been to Boundary Park once, and it was freezing and we were awful, which clouds everything for me about the place. The New Meadow is fairly dull, and horribly difficult to get to.

  • Hillsborough for a number of reasons but mainly because it is a fantastic old school ground.

    Boundary Park is bloody freezing! I remember going on a Tuesday night and there was 84 of us, a week after a Tuesday at Wrexham. Must have been 2000 or 2001, think we lost 2-0.

    Shrewsbury is such a shame, not a patch on Gay Meadow, although they did need a new ground!

  • Hillsborough. Oozes ‘proper’ football ground. And none of that newfangled plastic card rubbish allowed. Proper cash only.

  • Yeah, no idea how Shrewsbury’s ground isn’t last, only went there once but it seems like a classic template-o-drome to me, zero individuality.

  • Shrewsbury’s new ground a horror show. Gay Meadow would win this hands down.

  • Bizarre how somebody has voted for New Meadow isn't it

  • As a statistician I would suggest the overwhelming vote for Hillsborough accentuates any variability in the others

  • I always understood that there was a good rapport between Wycombe and Wednesday fans - at least since the time we went there for what I think was the last game of the season and they had already been promoted.

    Perhaps they have become understandably more grumpy in the meantime.

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