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The Great Football Ground Vote 2024

edited May 9 in Football

So for this summer's vote, I am going for football grounds. It may end up with one of the "legendary" PL grounds winning (I kind of hope not), but I reason that besides the vote itself, it would be an opportunity for Gasroomers to reminisce about various grounds they have visited during each vote, or peculiarities of specific grounds.

Needless to say, you do not need to have been to a ground to vote - it is simply whichever you like the best, for any reason whatsoever.

The rules:

  1. Adams Park and Stadium MK will not be included. However you feel about MK, there is no way they would win (even if their soulless stadium belonged to someone else). These two grounds will be replaced by Chesterfield's (as they are coming up) and Oldham's (instead of Bromley, who have never been a league club up to now), with Boundary Park being the biggest of the Conference clubs.
  2. The top 12 PL stadiums by size will not be in the initial group stage. Instead, there will be 20 groups of 4 with daily votes, and the winner progressing.
  3. In the second round, the 20 group winners will join the 12 largest PL stadiums in 8 groups of 4, also daily votes and winners progressing.
  4. The 8 winners will go head to head in the usual QF, SF, Final sequence.
  5. All draws will be completely random, to increase the jeopardy and keep things interesting. Old Trafford, Emirates, Anfield and St James Park could all be a second round group, as could the grounds of four L2 clubs, in theory.
  6. I will leave all groups open until the whole group stage is finished.

1st round draw to be announced soon, and happy voting!



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