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Viv Busby RIP

edited May 8 in Football

Sad news.

Just seen over on one of the Facebook sites that ex player Viv Busby has passed away aged 74

Viv played for us in the mid/late 60s before embarking on a professional career at Luton, Norwich, Stoke, and Fulham ,where he featured in every game in their 1975 FA Cup run including the final when they were beaten by West Ham

later he managed York City and Hartlepool

Condolences to his family


  • I remember his very blonde hair and the name but not much else. At the time it felt quite special to have a player move on to a football league team from Wycombe.

    Reading online that he suffered, and beat, leukemia in 2000/2001.

    RIP Viv, forever a Wanderer.

  • Thanks for passing this along. Viv went to school with my dad.

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