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End of season thanks

Out of everyone on here, I probably contribute the least value toward what makes the gasroom fun, interesting and friendly, so I'd like to do some thanking in honour of the gasroom 1.0 end of season awards in days of yore.

Firstly, where would match day be without @BSE's match day threads, complete with header graphic and reminders of non-standard kick-off times that have saved more than one of us from missing a game. Thanks @BSE.

We all know @Shev really comes alive in the off-season, but the Gasroom MotM threads have become an essential part of the week's rituals, along with the periodic and end of season standings. Thanks @Shev.

Talking of rituals, the attendance prediction competition is a big part of many gasroomers' weekly habits, often providing a reason to feel cheerful when guessing to within 50 after we've played 5 at the back and got a drubbing. Thanks @railwaysteve and @railwaybeth.

And our other, long running competition, the score prediction threads, not only provide bragging rights and an excuse for one's optimism / pessimism, but also raise money for Samaritans. Thanks @DevC.

All of these things involve a not insignificant commitment of time, energy and in some cases spreadsheet skills that over the course of a season add up to many, many hours put into making this place the best club form on the internet. Hats off to you all.

And finally, the gasroom would be nothing without such a lovely community of users. So thanks to all of you.


  • Oh, and @Steve_Peart - thanks for diligently keeping the Wycombe Wanderers Women thread up to date, I bloody knew I'd forget someone important.

  • You’re too modest @drcongo

    Speaking for myself, I thoroughly enjoy your contributions, in addition to your skills in hosting the Gasroom. “Hats off” to you and I echo your sentiments of the aforementioned contributors. Long live the Gasroom and all who sail in her.

  • I’d also like to thank @glasshalfempty for his contributions to maritime science, I didn’t think it was possible to sail in the Gasroom but if he’s figured it out then fair play.

  • Cheers @drcongo! A very gracious thread, and best wishes to you and yours and to all Gasroomers. Good health to those struggling with it, and thanks to everyone for being part of this weird and wonderful Wycombe collective!

  • I enjoy The Gasroom. I do not get involved with Twitter, Facebook or any of the chat rooms available on the wonderful World Wide Web. Life is far too short to get involved in all the nonsense I am led to believe lurks within these outlets. Thought The Gasroom would be good featuring like minded contributors with an affection for the mighty Wanderers hopefully without the abuse and hate featured elsewhere. It’s good to read posts from people I disagree with as well as agree with. Sometimes thought provoking. We all have opinions on all subjects Wycombe related. It is great to observe discussions on a topic that develops as the relevant posts increase over a period of time. Like any forum, people from all walks of life are found on here all with their own take on the club and experiences. There is a wide diversity level to be found. I am a rare contributor but I find if I want to express an opinion without being subjected to ridicule and abuse this is the place to come. Have a great summer everybody.

  • Thanks @drcongo, it started off because they had little coverage but these days it's better. Wycombe Sounds' Colin Besley deserves a mention for interviewing someone from WWFCW every week on the WW Show.

    I feel guilty that I haven't watched them in a while, but I am resolved to seeing them next season. I have a feeling they will be challenging at the top, at last.

  • Big hats off to you too @drcongo, the gasroom

    is an indispensable part of the exile experience.

  • Did you mean to format this like a poem? Is there more...?

  • Well, you do surf the World Wide Web and I did once take to the seas to watch the mighty Wanderers.

  • Which game? Or did you have to get into international waters to stream...?

  • Something very odd happens when I @ someone on my phone.

    I guess I should just leave it alone.

    But I always want to post a bit more.

    Even on subjects about which I'm not sure.

  • Ahem… it was the Irish Sea. To Dublin. In July 1999. For a pre-season friendly. Which was postponed after Alan Beeton contracted meningitis.

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