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Retained list

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New deals offered to GMac, Forino and Rav

Max, JJ, Mellor, Shepperd, Wakely and KVY all leave - although KVY will stay to continue his injury rehab through pre-season

Already under contract for next season: Jack Grimmer, Josh Scowen, Ryan Tafazolli, David Wheeler, Matt Butcher, Sam Vokes, Luke Leahy, Laurie Shala, Jack Young, Joe Low, Brandon Hanlan, Kieran Sadlier, Richard Kone, Jason McCarthy, Beryly Lubala, Jasper Pattenden, Taylor Clark, Luca Woodhouse, Christie Ward, Declan Skura



  • I'd have let McCarthy go and in two minds about Taf and Vokes, but the squad looks in very good shape going into the window!

  • I’d like a look at a fully fit KVY, he must have something about him. Hopefully his rehab goes well.

  • Matt now in the driveway struggling to put a roofbox on his car and wondering how the F is he going to fit a bike rack for 5 bikes that he borrowed off his brother in law on his car. He will fit it on the hatchback, load up the bikes, then remember he hasn't put the last of the cases in the boot. The joys of Center Parcs

  • Got to assume we've been trying to get Forino to extend for a while and he's just run it down to give himself options

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    Pretty much as rumoured. Only slight surprise was KVY being out of contract - I forgot we even had him.

    Do wonder if we’ll listen to offers on the likes of Jmac and Tafazolli, particularly dependent on Forino’s situation and Joe Low’s future. Expecting some more interest in him this window.

  • It's interesting that McCarthy was allowed to stay with his injury record but KVY has been released?

    So massive gaps in the squad are GK & Left back (CB if Chris leaves). Smaller gaps to fill are CB and attacking pace up-front.

  • The headline is a bit misleading. KVY hasn’t been ‘released,’ he’ll keep doing injury rehab with us and then we’ll see where he’s at.

    Altho I guess there’s nothing stopping him signing for someone else in the meantime.

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    Jason McCarthy has made over 200 appearances for us, is willing to play whenever and wherever possible, has a great attitude that must be good for dressing room camaraderie, and is also getting his coaching badges, which is probably a good thing for the squad too. I don't think it is too much of a stretch to keep him.

    I feel for KVY - he seems to have that type of career that can never get fully going owing to the injuries, but there is huge potential in there. I hope it works out for him no matter what.

    I love the continuity this summer, and we will no doubt enhance the squad wisely.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to break open some 'Joe Low and Taffs are both staying and giving us CB stability' champagne...

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    That's a lot less turnover than I'd expected. Slightly surprising about KVY, but maybe the injury is more than we know?

    GMac, Forino and Rav are now dependent on what, if any, other offers they get. But presumably we have offered what we consider to be a fair contract within our budget.

    Interesting to see what options we are able to uncover at GK, LB, CB and ACM (attacking centre mid?). Of course we already know a couple of players who could fill some of those positions.

    Plus there's always space for The Twenty Goal a Season Striker.

  • Really good that Low, Sadlier, Kone etc are under contract, these are the types of players that can get us some "football fortune". Hopefully Forino can be resolved. Suspect GMac is weighing up retiring (can't see him signing elsewhere) and hopefully he decides to give it another year

  • I hope Jack Young gets a chance, and then I guess we'll enter the loan market for a 'direct' Potts replacement (not that young players of his calibre grow on trees).

  • Sh*t, I forgotten the need to replace Potts!

  • Cancel Center Parcs and start scouting the loans Matt.

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    I don't understand what some people are writing; it feels like reading between the lines. If you're on the retained list, you were already under contract, so whether you were wanted or not by Blooms, you're a contracted member of the playing staff. Comments about Jason McCarthy are a bit dumb as he was offered a new deal with Grimmer/Wheeler last year, so it's not a surprise he hasn't been released regardless of playing time. It's not a recent decision to give him a contract ffs.

  • I’d expect GMaC and Rav to sign. Despite a dodgy injury record., I expect Forino to move on but would like him to stay. Surprised we’ve kept McCarthy and Vokes but useful squad players. Strong nucleus of a squad and with some quality signings and loanees certain able to compete at the right end of the table. Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Kodau again.

  • I don’t think there’ll be a queue of bidders for KVY. His appearance figures (an average of about a dozen per season over the last five years) tend to suggest that he must be unusually injury prone (although there may of course be other less worrying reasons).

    A great shame because we saw, particularly in his last two or three appearances, just how impressive he can be.

    We’ve seen one or two remarkable (albeit sadly short lived) examples in the past four years of highly rated senior players being rehabilitated after falling on difficult times, injury wise - Darius Charles and Alfie Mawson obviously spring to mind - but, ironically, the short lived nature of those examples also militate against further gambles.

  • It’s not particularly helpful the club aren’t clearer on contracts. I’d imagine most of the players retained were already contracted but a few will have had new deals agreed recently.

  • As on retained list most likely sighed historic longer term contracts. Being on the retained list does not indicate, Blooms had the option to let them go as they were contacted by WWFC until beyond this year. Only three players out of contract have been offered new deals.

  • Please stay Garath McClearly!!!!

  • Fear McCleary and Forino will both be off.

  • I'd tend to agree on Forino. With GMac, I am hopeful it is us or no-one!

  • Some of the retained players will be because they are still within their contract, some will have an automatic renewal based on appearance (maybe Wheeler for example) and some will be as the club have triggered clauses to extend. So it's hardly surprising that some of the players we thought were on 1 year deals are staying.

    As for specific players Jason McCarthy has put some excellent performances in this season despite having horrid luck with injuries. He was always on the keep list for me. In fact the released list was really easy to pick this season, no shocks at all.

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    I’d be very surprised and disappointed if McCleary retired this summer. Only in that circumstance would he be off, surely?

    I’d be very disappointed but not surprised if Forino moves on.

  • Comments like this one on Instagram suggest there is a strong chance McCleary won’t stay.

  • The comment by Max regarding respecting the decision due to the financial constraints and his ambition to play at a higher level is.... I dunno... strange?

  • Yes I was thinking the same - that there was a deal either triggered by appearances anyway, or by classic Wycombe tactics, was a longer deal than revealed.

  • And like others say McCleary is the big surprise. Can only be weighing up retirement, as he's made his money long ago, and has found a home here, starting most games.

    But then I'm sure he has made a comment before about playing as long as he can etc?

  • Almost every contract we’ve offered since 2021 has been 1+1. The only thing we’re not told is how many appearances trigger the plus one.

  • Suggests he asked for more money and was politely reminded that he wasn't even guaranteed to start.

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