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WWFC seeking someone "to take TOTAL OWNERSHIP of income generation from the commercial sector"


  • What on earth is wrong with the wording of that?

  • You're an idiot. Nothing wrong with the wording in that at all.

    Just means whoever gets the job needs to personally, or Head a team to make sure they generate income for the clubs. If they, or that team doesn't, they take the responsibility and get fired.

  • Can't you all just get over Hayes... Every time something happens it's all OMG SH is back!! Every club needs a commercial manager/director to generate income FFS!

  • Are you the chairman of the Hayes fan club frigid?

  • @FrijidPink no, the damage his reign and agenda had on WWFC almost put us out of existence. If you think that people will just forget about little details like that, then you're welcome to think so. Just don't be surprised when people don't want him anywhere near the levers of control of the club ever again.

  • It's just written in standard corporate jargonese, as a language unto itself it's pretty offensive but I don't see this is worse than the norm.

    The one odd thing, for a hopefully permanent role, is the line about "unpaid lunch breaks", wtf?

    Hayes is an awful example of "sound business sense" as his idea of that was getting the club into debt then fvcking off once his property deal had panned out.

  • The JD is written in plain English. My beef is that even for the Corporate world, it comes across as aggressive. Not attractive at all for any potential job holder. The need for such a role is clear to all but will this attract the right individual? Methinks not. Don't get on with the Chairman and you are out! At least whoever gets the job knows where they stand FROM DAY 1.

  • Was a bit of a tongue in cheek comment tbf. The devil's advocate will obviously appear stupind to dancing yaks though, no sense of humour. Hope we get someone who can make WWFC some money, total ownership notwithstanding. I believe that AH is an astute businessman who will give his best to WWFC, let's see that the new position is filled by a great money spinner. COYB!!!!

  • That looks to me like Superman/woman! I love the reference to the seemingly endless job description as not being "exhaustive". Certainly exhausting, I would have thought, and I guess we are looking at a six figure salary or thereabouts. But maybe there is someone out there of the necessary calibre - someone who could boost income sufficiently to justify such a salary. Let's hope so.

    I trust the job is being advertised well beyond the confines of the official website.

  • Bring back Mark Austin!

  • edited June 2015

    If I were looking to advertise that position, I'd potentially look at making it commission based. That way the club doesnt need to commit to a "6 figure sum" but rather incentivise whoever comes into the position to make money for the club and to supplement their wage. Relatively low risk of increased outgoings for the club as it would be off set by an overal increase in revenue.

    Even a 2% commission system would mean IF they secured a £100k sponsorship deal, the club gets 98k and they personally take home an extra 2k.

  • No one in their right mind is going to join a football club in the 4th tier on 'commission.' I've seen similar roles for prem clubs ( I work in recruitment) in the past and you would get a very high calibre candidate at £60-80k + bonus. £100k for a role like this would be paying well over the odds. If they are good they will make this back very quickly. Norwich City recruited a similar role last year and were paying c£70k if memory serves me correctly. The JD is standard, a good candidate will cut through what is or isn't likely to drive a return...hence the word commercial. I suspect WWFC will look to pay around £45-55k looking at team size and revenue responsibility. The role has been pushed on LinkedIn & Twitter so they are doing all the right things to identify good candidates.

  • Excellent, reassuring post. Thanks for that.

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