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Our Pubs at Wembley This Time

I am interested to know from anybody that went to the Green Man on Sunday, what it what was like in terms of atmosphere and queues etc. I had originally intended to go there with our group, but in the end we stayed in JJ Moons (Wetherspoons) on Wembley High Road.

We arrived at Spoons around midday and there were already quite a few Wycombe fans there. By 1:30 it was full, but not uncomfortably so. It was easy to get drinks and the food we ordered came reasonably quickly. So, given we had our own tables, we decided to stay put and give the Green Man a swerve, given that I suspected it would be heaving, with long queues for the bar. Importantly for me, I also discovered recently that the Green Man has stopped serving real ale, and the garden is smaller than it used to be, with a good chunk of it now built out as a patio.

Keen though to hear from others who did go to the Green Man. Either way being given the West End pubs is infinitely preferable to the Torch and not much else.


  • Was in the Green Man from about 1:30 until 3:30. Was busy but not uncomfortably so - bar and toilet queues seemed to move fairly quickly, certainly for me and my friends. Garden does now have a patio but there are also a couple of outdoor huts selling beers, avoiding having to go inside, although I think the range was pretty limited. If you wanted Jager you were set as they wondered round the garden selling them off trays at £5 a go! Food looked decent from what I saw from other people but we didn't partake.

  • The White Horse was our choice before and after the game - almost opposite the Wembley Arena

    The service was good with plenty of staff.

  • Was in the Green Man for a couple of hours. Had the footy on and plenty of people serving. Don't know the going rate around Wembley but £7 a pint in a plastic cup. 5 jagers for £20.

    The queue for the toilet got bigger and bigger the closer it got to kick off and also big queues for the ladies.

    The atmosphere was good, Few wycombe songs in and outside the place and loads of fans having a good time, ended up speaking to some we've never met before.

  • We did exactly the same as you, went in JJ Moons and decided to stay there as it wasn't rammed, easy to get a drink and we even got a table

  • They've got it down to a bit of an art at the Green Man, can only assume the inside was rammed as the garden was pretty busy and they had several bars outside, decent range for this sort of thing, sun was out, didn't take forever to get served although the queue was long, wasn't bad all round.

    The White horse is actually quite a good pub when there aren't events on, gets full pretty quickly though. A lot of the event type pubs that end are awful but we probably had more than enough for the numbers we took.

  • Not one of "our pubs" in the sense of allocated to Wycombe fans, but I stopped in at Greenes Irish bar in Neasden. Very quiet and £4 for a pint of Guiness.

  • Thanks to everyone for their feedback. Seems like everybody had a good pre-match experience, wherever they chose to go.

    @AlanCecil someone mentioned the White Horse to me before the play off final in 2022. Sounds good. I assume whichever team doesn't get Box Park is allocated this pub, given the proximity on Olympic Way. I will make a point of visiting there when I am next at Wembley preparation for Wycombe's next trip to the home of football.

  • I also went to the White Horse - which was my first time there. It was pretty crowded by 13.30 but they had a well-stewarded queuing system (polite, firm, checking people had Wycombe end tickets). People were coming and going pretty regularly. Everyone in our group (7) got in without having to wait for more than a few minutes and we arrived at 4 different time points - the last didn't arrive until 15.00. Bars well staffed so queues for buying drinks weren't too long. The only possible down side is I think they were only serving food in the restaurant. I have to say I didn't ask about food in the bar area but didn't see anyone else eating or any menus/blackboards etc. I regularly go to Wembley for England games and would definitely consider it as an option in future.

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