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Wembley tickets

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Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon (despite the surprising lack of BFP coverage!)…however I’m in search of 3 more tickets for some friends who were not supposed to be in the country but can now attend. If anyone has any or hears of any, please reply here or send me a DM, and I’m sure they will be very grateful!



  • Don't know if you're on Facebook, but there were some spare tickets going around on there yesterday

  • Just say you're from the Peterborough Telegraph - I hear they let anyone write for them (but seriously, good luck!).

  • thanks guys, 2 down 1 to go!

  • Good luck. There must surely be some common sense way to accommodate the person still horribly in suspense with only hours to go. A call to the stadium perhaps?

  • Absolutely farcical that the ground will be half full, there are fans wanting to go but they can't because they won't be on sale.

    Utterly ridiculous

  • Totally agree, of course @eric_plant.

    Just wish @AttitudeEra had said “ not expected” rather than “not supposed “ to be in the country!

  • When has a Wembley final ever not been all-ticket? People have had a month to get tickets - if they left it too late, tough.

  • Put them in the stocks.

  • edited April 7

    I'm just saying it shouldn't have taken anyone by surprise! There are numerous good reasons why cup finals have to be all-ticket.

  • Your faith in human nature does you credit.

  • Agree on all points to a certain extent.

    Everyone has had plenty of time and advance notice (although they did go on general sale sale later than they have in previous years despite there being a zero percent chance of a sell out).

    But nonetheless, with a ground less than half full, Wembley usually are selling on the gate on the day, and the only reason they aren’t is because the two clubs opted to handle all ticketing themselves (more margin for the teams, but a 72 hour curfew from Wembley vs selling right up until kickoff).

    So it’s a shame but hopefully most people will manage to get in.

  • some friends who were not supposed to be in the country but can now attend

  • There isn't a single good reason why this one needs to be

  • Dreary question about tickets - the PDF that we've all downloaded from the ticket office... does it have to be printed or can we just scan our phones?

  • I mean Wembley has had a very poor record on security recently, so I’m not sure it’s that sensible for them to allow on-day sales. They’re already going to make a massive loss today as it is because of the low crowd.

  • I have 2 tickets going if anyone is still looking due to some late drop outs. Block 128.

  • Apparently they do have problems with scanning from phones 🤦. So printing them off is advisable 👍

  • How are they making a loss? If the game wasn't on they'd take nothing, If you can't make any money off of 40,000 people paying £30 plus for a ticket and £8 a beer you are doing it wrong.

  • I used my phone for the playoff final and it was fine.

  • The whole system briefly went down at the playoff final, mate of mine was stuck outside for a bit

  • Used my phone at the England v Brazil game, worked just fine (but I've bit a printed copy just in case).

  • For the Sunderland play off game it would have been impossible to have on the day sales because obviously Sunderland supporters would've bought tickets in the Wycombe end. It's nothing like that today with plenty of available seats in both ends of the ground so there's no reason not to have tickets on sale at the ground - just as there was for both our FA Trophy finals (where the attendance wasn't much lower than it'll be for today).

  • Hi, I have a senior over 65 one if someone wants it

  • mate has one Club Wembley ticket going spare respond, just found out - respond here if wanted.

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