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Man of the Match - Blackpool (A)


  1. MOTM?53 votes
    1. Ravizzoli
    2. McCarthy
    3. Low
    4. Forino
    5. Leahy
    6. Scowen
    7. Butcher
    8. Wheeler
    9. Taylor
    10. Campbell
    11. Lubala
    12. Potts (sub)
    13. Vokes (sub)
    14. Kodua (sub)


  • Another easy one. Those two late saves top class.

  • Forino for me, although Potts had a good showing.

  • I think the surprise element after all the doubts swung it for me but I agree that Forino and Potts were superb, pretty well as usual.

  • A lot of great shifts going in today, I went with Forino, but Low, Leahy, Potts, Ravazzoli, Butcher and McCarthy were amongst others who also had very solid games.

    Even the maligned Campbell seemed to be busting a gut and doing the dirty work.

  • Either Low or Forino for me, went for Low in the end but both looked top defenders today.

  • Forino was immense today as was Low, though the latter had to tread carefully after an early booking.

    Potts was sublime after replacing Scowen who must now be a doubt for Sunday.

    Franco's late saves probably win him the jersey for Wembley.

  • Forino pure class. I just don't understand why Blooms doesn't rate him.

  • Leahey for me. Butcher, Forino and Franco were close though

  • Sorry, who's voted for Campbell? Better than of late... but definitely still no where near the level of player we all hoped and expected him to be?

  • Sorry, @mooneyman what makes you think MB doesn’t rate him? Has he ever gone any significant length of time between injuries without being included in the matchday squad?

  • There's at least one wag on here who thinks it's hilarious to vote for someone who played badly. Every match.

  • Nothing beats the MOTM votes for Wheeler after he was sent off seconds after coming on!

  • Has he been injured recently, that's news to me.

  • Seeing as I have the DB open from the thumbing discussion, I thought I'd have a look who the wag is. I'm unsurprised at the answer.

  • Thought Leahy had a great game at left back today after the mare he suffered on Friday, Low & Forino very solid as a centre back pairing (my preferred CBs for as long as they stay fit & suspension free), McCarthy actually remebered how to cross, great stints from Scowen (hope its just soft tissue bruising), potts & Butcher but the plaudits have to go to Ravazolli for those two late saves.

  • Ravazolli for me...hardly anything to do for 80 minutes but secures the point late on. Well done that man.

  • I have no idea whether or not Forino has been injured recently. If he has then that is probably why he hasn’t always been in the squad. But to assert that MB doesn’t rate him without anything more specific on which to base that assertion seems a little flimsy.

  • I gave mine to Forino as he has only recently come back from injury but could just as easily gone to Low. Both were superb on the day. Also a round of applause for Leahy as he came back from a roasting on Friday with a very good solid display.

  • We will see who he selects as his central defenders at Wembley!

  • Forino was also brilliant in the air, but I felt he looked uncomfortable with the ball at his feet. Low was fantastic both in the air and with the ball at his feet, so Low gets my vote. If this was based only on the first quarter of the game then I would have voted for Lubala.

  • edited April 2

    I don’t know whether you have read or heard MB’s post match interview but he was full of praise for Forino, mentioning that his opportunities had been limited by injury, illness and the excellent form of Joe Low and Ryan Tafazolli.

    I would be very surprised if he doesn’t pick those two for Wembley. Seeing them as first choice - as most of us do, I should think - doesn’t mean that he doesn’t rate Forino.

    It’s all about pecking orders. You might just as well have said he doesn’t rate Chem Campbell.

  • No I haven't, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    I probably personally overate Forino, but I was so impressed with him last season that I thought clubs would be queuing up to sign him. I would still play him and Taff as the Wembley pairing, but appreciate I'm probably the only one on here who would.

    We all have our favourites and bête noires. Vokes springs to mind being one of my favourites, and other posters consider he's past it!

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