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Match Day Thread: Blackpool



  • 4-0 Blackpool

    APRIL FOOL!!!!!

  • Had to double-check that I hadn't got my days mixed up. Really isn't much enthusiasm for this one, either that or everyone is travelling up to Blackpool. Feel like a rendition of Dambusters is in order.

  • Yes a bit of a non event! But enjoy the game those travelling up there and hopefully no injuries to be picked up so close to Wembley

  • Seems mad to me that on a holiday Monday you have Wycombe fans traveling up to Blackpool and Fleetwood fans traveling down to Oxford. Surely switching those fixtures would increase attendance at both.

  • Six changes

  • Great to see Joe Low back, looking forward to seeing him and Big Chris! First league start of the season for Jase??

  • Great we can make so many changes and still send out a strong team.

  • That’s Max on the bench then for Wembley unless Ravizolli has a shocker I assume?

  • Probably me being dim but can we watch on WWTV today without visiting Vipienne?

  • edited April 1

    Leahy still at left back, I assume. Haven’t seen the Blackpool lineup to see who operates on their right but perhaps he’ll get better cover from Forino or Low than he did from Tafazolli on Friday. Don’t think Campbell will do much tracking back. Presumably McCarthy will be at right back.

    Hadn’t realised that Blackpool were still in sight of the playoffs. It’ll be tough.

  • Six changes and still a decent team apart from Campbell, who has done nothing since his return. Perhaps todays the day!!

  • @davecz - absolutely, he surely has to produce a decent performance today or what use is he?

  • He did very well to win the pen at Reading, to give him slight praise

  • Just been on the tangerines forum. Most of them are bemoaning their team selection. They are viewing our 6 changes as us saving ourselves for Wembley. They feel they have all their attacking threat left on the bench and think we could have been there for the taking if they played different players

  • Starting to wonder if that will be his career epitaph. Come on Chem - shut us all up!

  • A greasy surface. Nice and flat pitch. Perfect for Campbell to nip past players and get crosses in.

  • Very surprised Stryjek wasn’t brought back in. This is still a very strong lineup for us. We have very solid depth now. So pleased to see Forino, Low and Jase back in the team.

  • Forino giving good cover on the left.

  • Burton and Cambridge both winning. Hopefully Port Vale can remain behind.

  • A lot of any pressure we’re under is coming down our right where McCarthy is usually pushing up and doesn’t recover.

    Normal service has been resumed from him then.

  • Josh deserves to play in the final more than anyone. Hope he's OK

  • Oh no no no - Josh looks like he knows there’s no Wembley for him

  • Taylor can’t play the central role. He needs to get further forward to be effective.

  • Terrible stuff. Josh missing Wembley is a worse result than losing the game would be.

  • Impotent up front. Very little quality. Dreaming of the arch. Fucking nightmare for Josh

  • The amount of times we're offside from attacking free-kicks is incredibly annoying

  • Bright opening 10 but then the usual failings assert themselves. No creativity at all, wide play non-existent, limited chances created.

  • We are still not safe - teams below us keep winning. A point here would be a fantastic day's work.

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