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Wembley Pub Runcorn

Good evening all,

Real longshot of a question here, but thought this was the best place to ask. This is a picture of my parents at the final win at Wembley against Runcorn. Unfortunately, I'm still yet to see Wycombe get the win at Wembley but hoping next Sunday will be the day! Im going with my Dad and others, and it would be amazing if anyone knew what pub this was in and around Wembley? I am assuming many on here were there that day and may recognize it. It's a long shot, but any help would be amazing! UTW.


  • Which ones are your parents? (no idea about which pub it was I'm afraid)

  • Runcorn was a lovely day - a celebration of our glorious season. Very much felt like they were just there to make up the numbers. Wonder what they thought of the day? Similar perhaps to how we felt at Sunderland.

  • As I remember it they only had about 5k fans there, can't remember how many we brought but it was significantly more.

  • Not to be a downer, but I’d be surprised if that pub is still there.

  • My money would be on this being Eddies formerly at 412 High Road, now Al Pasha Grill. Is that an Irish harp in the window?

  • This is from 2006. Definitely the same place - the black patch of bricks matches.

  • Amazing work @Chris

  • @drcongo they are the couple second in from the left! Would have loved to have been there, sounded like an amazing day!

  • @Chris you're a legend, thank you! Did half expect it to be the case - might still recreate but just in front of the grill 😂

  • Post it on here if you do!

  • edited March 31

    What a great story. Were your parents friends with Sergio’s Dad!

  • I was an (just, by under a year) underage drinker at Wembley '93 and it was a very much cans from the offy on the street occasion.

    Was part of a massive crowd doing the same mind. Can't remember exactly where it was but I think it might have been outside one of the big pubs people used to use

  • You’re younger than I thought @eric_plant !!

    Still a couple of years to Saga time ?!

  • Ha! Moany old git way before my time Micra

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