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Hanlan progress

Nice of the club to release a video showing how Mustard has progressed in his injury rehab. When someone is knocked out for the season early doors it must feel a little like being the forgotten man. It will be like getting a new player next season, and I expect him to be highly motivated!


  • Good to see Brandon making progress. Strange that there has been zero mention of Jack Wakely since he suffered a similar injury at the start of the season.

    Jack was given a new one year contract and went on loan to Ebbsfleet for the season. No news on his prognosis / recovery and no contract extension like Freeman or Brandon to aid recovery.

    I enjoy taking an interest in the development squad and loaned out players sand have often wondered how Jack is getting on

  • I think the clear difference in those mentioned @Mandown is that Freeman & Brandon are/were involved in the first-team consistently whereas Wakely would be seen as a Back-up / Fringe Player. He's been with the club for 2 seasons now, was unveiled in the middle of the pitch when everyone was expecting Vokes and then hasn't lived up to expectations.

    I really feel for his future as it doesn't look bright

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    Yes it would be good to get an update on Jack. It sounded like a nasty injury at the time, so would be good to know if he’s ok.

    It’s such a shame as the raw materials are so good with Wakely. He’s big, 6 foot 4, but also very comfortable on the ball and two footed, so can play right or left side.

    But what he desperately needs is to play first team football. At 23 he’s hardly played any and the Ebbsfleet loan seemed the perfect opportunity. He’d started well there too and their fans thought they’d got a good one.

    If he can bounce back from his injury I still think there’s a decent player there who could come through. Maybe at Wycombe, maybe elsewhere.

  • Also, it sounds like it might be a little bit touch and go to get Brandon fit for the start of next season.

    They say it’s a 9 month recuperation and it happened in November so we’re looking about July for him to be back in action. So pretty tight.

    It was great to hear from him and he looked in pretty good shape in the film so hopefully he’s doing well and is on track or even ahead of schedule.

    The move to a front three should help him as he can pretty much play in any of those positions and would be a handy addition, especially when Garath needs a break.

  • GMac is 37 in May, got to imagine he might be considering calling it a day

  • I certainly hope not. He's still an exceptionally talented footballer

  • I enjoy watching Mustard as you never quite know what you’re going to get on the day. My worry for him is that his game is largely based on speed and that injury can have long term consequences for that physical attribute. Fingers crossed for the lad.🤞

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