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Larry Lloyd

Farewell to Brian Clough's favourite s***house.

My favourite Lloyd story.

Lloyd broke his foot in the middle of the 1977-78 season and Clough immediately signed David Needham from QPR to replace him. Needham played impeccably for six weeks until Lloyd was fit again. Clough put him straight back in and Lloyd remembers it as one of the great compliments of his career. “He turned to Needham first: ‘David, you’re probably wondering why I’ve left you out. You’ve done ever so well since I bought you. David, I really can’t fault you. You’re a lovely boy. If my daughter were looking to bring a man home to marry, you’d be that man. You’re that nice, David, I’d have you as my son-in-law’. Then he pointed at me. ‘I hate that fucking bastard over there. And that’s why you’re not in the team. You’re not a bastard like Larry Lloyd. And, son, I want a bastard in my defence.’"

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