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Fancied a thread of movie / book / music recommendations, so here it is.

I'll open by recommending The Truth vs Alex Jones - HBO documentary feature about the Sandy Hook families' court cases against anthropomorphic testicle and right wing grifter Alex Jones.



  • Good shout. The new (ish) Netflix doc series on the Cold War is very good, for anyone interested in that loose period.

  • Also, not new, but I really enjoyed Loudermilk

  • 1971 The Year That Music Changed Everything on Apple.

    Didn't know Bowie came on at 05.00 at his Glastonbury debut.

  • Currently reading Fire Weather by John Vaillant about a Canadian wildfire. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was adapted into a documentary at some point.

    The album I’m listening to most at the moment is Big Dreams by Rachael Lavelle. Not quite sure how to describe it. Weird, Irish, atmospheric, interesting.

  • I’ll also recommend the YouTube content of GeoWizard. He walks across countries in a straight line. More interesting than it sounds.

  • edited March 28

    A bit niche, but for any guitar enthusiasts, I would recommend the 'Every Guitar Has A Voice' series with George Lowden, the legendary Northern Irish luthier, from 10 years ago.

    Series: Every Guitar Has a Voice | Episode 1 | George Lowden | Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods (

    Even if you don't know anything about guitars, it is soothing and instructive to hear a legend speak about his craft in his Irish lilt. I only wish I could afford a Lowden (you are lucky to find one used under $4,000, and many retail over $10,000), having had the pleasure of playing a couple in the past. The absolute pinnacle of acoustic guitars, for me (unfortunately, Ed Sheeran playing one means that prices will be driven up even more).

  • Just finished reading the latest book in Ken Follet's 'pillars of the Earth' series, set in Napoleonic times. All his stuff is brilliant and very readable. A great insight into life in former times. Bit of sex thrown in. A great summary of how we have arrived where we are.

  • Oooo it’s on my list. Pleased to see a gasroom endorsement.

  • The return of underrated Shed Seven with their album 'A Matter of Time' is well worth a listen (briefly number 1 in the UK album chart). I read a recent review which described them as having been in the Championship of the britpop 90's era below a Premier League of Oasis, Blur and Suede. The album has cameos from Rowetta, Laura McClure and Pete Doherty (less of a fan!),

  • Andy Partridge is a little Marmite you either think he’s our last great songwriter or brewer’s yeast I’m in the first group but even if you aren’t this is worth a read.

    I’m also working my way through the original planet of the apes movies just finished Escape hoping to crack Conquest this weekend.

  • I’m enjoying Shogun so far on Disney. I read the James Clavell book in school and enjoyed it back then.

    If you’ve never seen the films Mass, Leave no Trace, or Room then why not give them a go? I work with survivors of trauma and these films all address that subject brilliantly and sensitively.

    So does the album Mirror Reaper by Bell Witch, through the medium of doom metal. I’m off to see them in a few weeks and I’m seeing the Drone Metal/post metal masters Sunn O))) shortly too. All my musical Christmases have come at once.

    Finally any John Connolly fans on here?. I am besotted with his crime/supernatural fiction.

  • The best TV I’ve watched recently was Donald Glover’s reimagining of Mr & Mrs Smith - it’s a work of art.

    Also Netflix’s 3 Body Problem is a lot better than I was expecting.

  • I’m two thirds of the way through Gary Stevenson’s book. The Trading Game. It’s been top of the UK non-fiction charts for two weeks. My background is in economics, so I’m loving every bit of it.

  • If you like a good crime drama, Kin is excellent and both series are on iPlayer. Among an extensive cast of baddies in the show, Bren Kinsella is outstandingly horrible.

  • I like Gary but I read Liar's Poker years ago so didn't feel like I needed the new version. My wife read it and said a lot of it takes place in Japan. I like Japan so might read that bit.

    He's not wrong about how the economy exists to make the rich even richer but if his message ever gets beyond podcasts and becomes truly well known then they'll come for him hard. I've already seen Reddit threads saying the guy is a bullshit artist. Doesn't really matter as the only way you'd ever get the English to riot is to introduce prohibition or car sharing. Taking away all the money and making everybody serfs again will just get the return of Keep Calm and Carry On posters.

  • Really enjoyed Atlanta so will have to give this a try

  • It’s been a superb year of music so far.

    Lots of albums have resonated with me, but I think the best is yet to come for long format releases later this year.

    My top three tracks so far:

    1) Fat White Family - Today You Become Man

    Fantastic song about the mutilation the author recalls from their dodgy circumcision in Algeria. Haunting.

    2) MGMT - People in the Streets

    Some of you will remember MGMT from ‘ooo girl, shock me like an electric eel’ (Electric Feel). Their new album ‘Loss of Life’ is fantastic.

    3) The Smile - Bending Hectic

    Radiohead side project back at it again and this is - without doubt - the best song they have released under this naming convention.

  • Maggie Rogers new music incoming.

  • Favourite album of the year so far is the Bound By Endogomy one. Great electro punk duo from Switzerland. If you like Mandy, Indiana, you'll probably love it.

  • I’ve seen a few of the Reddit posts too. Not entirely convinced of the skeptics. I would like to think he’d have been exposed properly by now. I’m sure he’s added plenty of colour to the stories from his trading days in the book but, even after caveating for that, it’s v interesting. Agree on your points about the English’s inability to riot.

  • I know they caused a bit of a storm with some comments recently, but I do really like the Last Dinner Party. New Vampire Weekend stuff is great so far too, new album coming very soon.

  • In terms of music I heard People’s Faces by Kae Tempest on 6 Music yesterday. Mesmerising track and never heard of them before, and an enlightening rabbit hole to fall down*.

    Also a shout out for Alice Coltrane - The Carnegie Hall Concert recently released.

    Partially currently re-reading Bill Bryson ‘At Home’. For some reason I imagine Bill Bryson as an amalgam of @micra, @Wendoverman and @Shev

    Also booked to see ‘Standing at the Sky’s Edge’ in a few weeks. A musical theatre adaptation of a Richard Hawley album. Anyone seen it?

    *There are plenty of things wrong with the modern world, but living in a time where I can hear something and then explore that artist’s oeuvre instantly is a thing of wonder.

  • I saw Standing at the Sky’s Edge in Sheffield a few years ago, I really liked it. Glad it has made its way to London.

  • Thanks @Chris

    (Had my finger on the pulse of modern culture as usual and it completely passed me by when it was 30 minutes down the road and probably at least half the price)

  • Kin is superb.... I also recommend Love/Hate on itvx.... slightly dated (2010) starts off slow... but brilliant watch if you liked Kin.

  • Masters of the Air on Apple is simply breathtaking.

  • Masters of the Air has the worst title sequence of all time though. The two part documentary about Steve Martin on Apple TV is joyous.

  • Yes back from when they started in the late 60s until the mid 70s rock festivals used to go on non-stop all night long throughout the weekend.

  • Which is fitting as there's a part of Sheffield called Sky Edge. Sort of above Manor Park if I remember from spending a bit of time in the place.

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