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Henning Wehn at The Swan, 02/03/2025

The German comedian and former WWFC marketing department staff member, will be at the Wycombe Swan for one night only, on Sunday 2 March 2025.

Tickets can be booked here: Book Henning Wehn - Acid Wehn tickets | Wycombe Swan Theatre (



  • I'll wait for Tier Two to open.

  • He is very good live. Recommended

  • Watch out for infiltration from fans of other local comedians...

  • Andrew Lawrence is a local lad. That would be interesting.

  • I once saw Andrew Lawrence not knowing who he was.

    His act was essentially that Wycombe had too many Asians / terrorists, cat owners were c***s and the rest was mainly him winging about being cancelled by the BBC (strange I heard him on Radio 4 the other day!).

    For the first ten minutes I thought it was a brilliant Alan Partridge-type parody, but it turned out he was being serious!

  • one of those who spends a lot of time going on about how successful they are despite the BBC...whilst being 'outspoken' and whinging endlessly about being cancelled by the BBC.

    He is the Joey Barton of the comedy scene I think...lacking the nouse of a Geoff Norcott or Simon Evans.

    There are enough 'people who say it like it is' out there to make up an audience for him, I think.

  • Some of us can't take the risk of paying for tickets a year in advance!😊

  • Andrew Lawrence is essentially comedy’s Laurence Fox. A man whose views have limited the number of people interested in working with him.

    Never sure why these characters think TV and radio work is something they’re entitled to?

    At least he’s got YouTube.

  • Geoff Norcott and Simon Evans are both very funny, regardless of whether you agree with their politics. Andrew Lawrence is just a pound shop Jim Davidson.

  • That's because he's shit.

  • All I can remember about Andrew Lawrence was his supposed comedy show on Radio 4 which consisted of his character and their wife's bitter moaning about each other. With pretty much zero comedic value. Even by Radio 4 comedy standards. If that was a window into his mind, I feel sorry for anyone who's had to endure him on stage.

  • I'm blaming you lot for making me search up who Andrew Lawrence is. I actually thought his videos were AI generated they're so devoid of human character. Is he actually meant to be a comedian? More like a Poundland Neil Oliver.

  • I've never heard of him either !

  • I'd never heard of him, but he sounds like a thoroughly unfunny prick.

  • Oi! You watch your mouth about Radio 4 comedy.

  • Geoff Norcott is a very good comedian and his thoughts and comments about men's mental health are very on point. As for his politics I enjoy listening to counter views to my own when they are presented in an articulate and measured way.

  • Geoff Norcott was also a very good guest on the Quickly Kevin podcast. A genuine AFC Wimbledon supporter with a disdain for MK that many of us on here can relate to.

  • For me, Norcott and Evans are an excellent example of being able to put an alternative comedy view without necessarily 'punching down'.

    His BBC show (cancelled) aside Stewart Lee is an example of a comedian who makes a decent living in theatres without having to go on a panel show.

  • He's still trying to pay off the Jerry Springer the Opera law suits.

  • Quite a different style of comedy, but is anyone here familiar with Troy Hawke? He's really good.

  • First and foremost a comedian needs to be funny. My politics differ from Norcott's but he is good at his job and hence far more worth seeing IMHO than say Nish Kumar (who in my view isn't). I did have the misfortune of seeing Ricky Gervais once - 90 minutes of my life I will never get back....

    As @TheAndyGrahamFanClub says above, I don't need to agree with anyone's views to make it worth listening to them as long as they are expressed in an appropriate way. The bunkerisation of our society is not a good development IMHO.

  • Genuinely, has Gervais ever been funny in anything apart from The Office?

  • If you have a strong constitution, Jerry Sadowitz is still touring intermittently. Highly offensive about everyone and everything but never in a way that feels mean-minded, more an unstoppable torrent of bile. Saw him last year for the first time in about 30 years and he hasn't mellowed one iota.

    There's virtually nothing available to see on Youtube other than him calling Jimmy Savile a paedo back in 1987.

  • he can be a very clever comedian, but he does not have to be funny anymore...he just has to keep pretending he is saying the unsayable on his massively lucrative Netflix specials to get massive cheers. And as Frankie Boyle said; 'You don't have to tell me there's no God when Derek got a second series...'

    (I liked Extras...but his stuff without the steadying hand of Stephen Merchant got increasingly ridiculous and mawkish to me...but highly successful so like football finance, I know nothing! 😊)

  • Frankie Boyle is a watered down version of Sadowitz, for those with a nervous disposistion.

  • He's a bit of an oddball. Sort of like Count Arthur Strong's non-senile son.

    If you want a local lad whose also a bit 'different' you could take a look at Paul Foot.

  • Paul Foot is amazing.

  • I have zero problem with Nish Kumar's politics, I just avoid him as he is so incredibly un-funny. When there are so many articulate and funny comedians on the circuit his profile is quite incredible to me. But it takes all sorts as they say.

    Recently got hooked on the Off Menu podcast with the very engaging James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Well worth a listen if like me you have been living under a rock for 4 years.

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