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  • He seemed to be justifying it to himself (and his wife) in those terms and was fully aware that he'd only get back the money he's putting in if a new owner was able and willing and shared his belief and positivity, he also made it clear that he didn't want to load lots of debt onto the club, difficult not to feel sorry for him in some ways, he's had a hell of a week, a hell of a few years, not got the results he was looking for necessarily with either but isn't wanting out immediately or trying to shut anyone's club down.

    The devil is always in the detail and what we can realistically expect in the next few years is anyone's guess but it's a decent watch and he's probably never come across better in his time here, maybe a bit less swagger and bragging. Sounds like positive news about the road, and also maybe around the ability and intent to fund a major purchase as Felicia with reasonable rent to the club and any future owner being able to join in, take it on or leave it there.

  • Not sure if it was positive about the road. Feels like Rob is showing frustration at how long it is taking, but he has to be admired for pursuing it. I like the idea of naming it "The @bluntphil access road" too :)

  • I know I don't understand business or football ownership or property speculation and am terrible at the maths...but has the £10-25 million we had last week gone again?

  • Exactly this.

    We all know Rob has a tendency to talk best case and theoretical. We've heard it with training grounds, new stands, new roads, having the best matchday experience etc.

    So when he suggests we have a "couple" of defenders who could bring high fees, a winger etc, it'd have to go perfectly.

    Maybe he actually meant Hanlan. Injured and out of sight, but maybe he's who was meant instead of Kone, who is very clearly a striker not a winger.

  • It was always smoke and mirrors, we never really had the money in the first place. Someone might have given us a loan for that amount so we could buy it, paying them a handsome amount of interest in return. All secured against the assets of the football club.

  • Rob said he’d be paying cash for any training ground, provided by (one assumes) ML via Feliciana.

  • We obviously had some money, since it had been transferred into a lawyers account to help Reading pay their bills this month.

  • I'm assuming besides the usual it was Rob, Pete, Missy, and someone from Georgia who did not like my original question.

  • edited March 22

    I think the point is that that's not how money works at that scale. You don't keep £25M in your back pocket.

  • I am schooled. Doesn't work at the roof fixing, food supplying, loo fixing scale either it seems.

  • You appear to be fixated on roof fixing, (which to the best of my knowledge) doesn't affect you as from memory you sit just along the same row as me and as far as I am aware the roof doesn't leak, "I'm alright Jack, pull up the ladder". Concerning the food, surely you will be content to bring your own crisps? As for the loos, well the acrid stench of stale urine simply reminds me of going to footie in the 70's where you would be lucky if someone didn't pee into your pocket in the crushed stands!! 😂

  • I’m all about @Wendoverman banging the drum for roof fixing. Up in the Frank Adams, The Good Lady Teacher Her Indoors sits under what has become a water spout. Come on Rob, sort it out before I have to do the gentlemanly thing and swap seats.

  • I’m fully with @Wendoverman too. My seat in the family stand is pretty much always wet when I arrive then drips throughout the game if it is raining or damp.

    Fixing the roof should be an absolute priority!

  • Is it one particular hole in the Frank Adams, perhaps 1 block in from the terrace end we're talking here?

    Or quite a few separate leaks?

  • I've wondered why the big screen has a tiny handful of black pixels and why they haven't been fixed.

    But to be honest you'd have to have binoculars to read some of the stuff on there so don't get too worried.

  • Rs holes you say?

  • Block F for me

  • All good points @EwanHoosaami 😉 despite the fact that like yourself I don't get wet, my gripe is that for seasons I have gently ribbed the likes of @davecz @aloysius @perfidious_albion for what no new players? Opening checkbooks for The Player or shady financials and joking about poor kiosk fare by reminding everyone we are little Wycombe have to cut our cloth, etc etc I didn't ask for a Covid refund etc etc and then it seems we can pull 25 million (which apparently may or may not exist in the real world...although Rob C mentioned cash in his Q&A) out of our arse for a training ground we may not be able to afford to run, so I feel slightly conned that I've sort of been resigned to some of the shortcomings at the ground because i thought we were skint.

    Obviously, it's only bothering me probably because I know less than some esteemed posters about how it all works in high finance and as I don't get wet and eat me dinner before I go, I'll wind me neck in.

  • I'd like to think they could put some kind of temporary sheet over the roof, but that would just be papering over the cracks.

  • Sheet is always temporary isn't it? Just flush it away and don't think about it

  • If I met bargepole in a Marlow Bistro...I wouldn't touch him

  • If you did, he'd bring a private prosecution for assault.

  • You sound surprised at the levels of expertise the gasroom holds.

    Everything is covered from weather through to due diligence on training grounds.

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