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EFL League One likability rankings

Slow news day, so I decided to rank the league for likability. Reading have suffered a loss of form.

  1. Wycombe (C)
  2. Leyton Orient (P)
  3. Bolton (playoffs)
  4. Northampton (playoffs)
  5. Charlton (playoffs)
  6. Blackpool (playoffs)
  7. Lincoln
  8. Cheltenham
  9. Portsmouth
  10. Cambridge
  11. Burton
  12. Exeter
  13. Shrewsbury
  14. Port Vale
  15. Wigan
  16. Carlisle
  17. Fleetwood
  18. Barnsley
  19. Oxford
  20. Peterborough
  21. Reading (R)
  22. Bristol Rovers (R)
  23. Stevenage (R)
  24. Derby (R)



  • Bottom is a toss-up between Oxford and Derby for me

  • edited March 19

    Wouldn't have Portsmouth as high, they're a bit full of themselves as well. Seen plenty of "can't wait to finally get out of this tinpot league" comments online last couple of months

    Surely Oxford have to be bottom 4 ?

  • Barnsley have had a terrible season in this league, they used to finish much higher. Other than that, I concur.

  • I think your bottom six are the right teams but may juggle the order.

  • I just don't quite hate Oxford as much as others. Perhaps it is because we have had their number lately, but I feel like there is real cause for needle with my current bottom four:

    Reading - stickers, death threats and general disrespect.

    Stevenage - fans hurled abuse at a player of ours almost dying.

    Derby - they didn't pay bills, blamed us, etc. etc.

    Bristol Rovers - they look in the mirror and see Bristol Rovers.

    Peterborough's inability to divide points by games played and Oxford's general silliness do not seem quite as relegation-worthy by comparison, to me.

  • As far as Portsmouth, I am a little biased because I managed to get over to Fratton last season for what was a wonderful atmosphere on the last day. But really, 9th-16th is much of a muchness. I felt bad ranking Carlisle that low, but I don't really have any significant feelings towards them other than being participants in the Marcus Bean game.

  • Personal preference but I’d have Shrewsbury a lot higher (probably swap with Leyton Orient who are the epitome of mid-table like-ability to me).

    And I really know I shouldn’t but I can’t help quite liking Peterborough.

  • Plenty on here will remember getting chased through the streets of Carlisle by people chucking sticks and bricks after the playoff semi against them.

  • (I also quite like Shrewsbury now that I think about it)

  • Oxford would be bottom by a long way in my league

    Pompey would be miles lower as well..."ooh look at us, we do loads of singing". That bloke with the bell who always looks like he could do with a wash. Not for me

  • Bristol Rovers bottom

  • Nice thread by the way @shev but I hope you aren’t using all your post-season material too early. Just because the team are on the beach (league wise) we have to keep going on here until the final ball of the season is kicked.

  • Very good point! I don't want to be down to "who has the nicest sleeve sponsor?" by end of May!

  • Two I’d rate higher

    Shrewsbury had the worst toilets in the football league but their fans were salt of the earth .

    The coldest I’ve ever been was at a Tuesday night Cambridge game but again no problems with the home fans.

    Two lower

    Headington obviously.

    Reading : who without first checking the complete story had a complete hissy fit, threatening violence and protesting outside of our ground disgusting behaviour.

  • Fair comments about Shrewsbury. I was probably overly punishing them for how dirty they have been on the pitch the past couple of seasons.

  • @Shev So I’m reading from the top down... Peterborough not in the relegation zone? What are you thinking??

    Ahh, I’ve just read the bottom 4...!

  • The only really obnoxious thing about Peterborough is Anal Swann.

    oh, and the owner. And Darren Ferguson. And Peterborough.

  • Yea. But. There are some really really good pubs in Peterborough that help make you forget all that.

  • I'd have put Charlton above Northampton. Never met a Charlton fan I didn't like.

  • One thing I do actually like about Peteborough is their commitment to an open, attacking style which normally means games against them are entertaining.

  • Fond of Shrewsbury and I’d have Lincoln above Northampton. Although I’m allowing memories of decent weekends in towns and cities to influence me.

    Which places Stevenage below Derby.

  • Charlton, a big club without an obnoxious big club mentality.

  • Waiting for @peterparrotface here. Charlton in your top 3?

  • Charlton aren't that big a club, are they?

  • P'boro should move slightly up the table following their Chairman's recent interview backing us up in the Reading situation.

  • And Barry Fry, and the snowed off game, and Adrian Durham....

  • Stick Reading down the bottom for me please. Bunch of idiot fans

  • Put Exeter higher, lovely fan-owned club and the best bar in the league.

  • Their first Peel session was fucking amazing, to be fair.

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