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Bearwood. A view from the other side.



  • As @arnos_grove has been saying, 'the football family' is a loaf of bollocks.

  • The lack of self-awareness is mind boggling

    Firstly it's incredible that there is no acknowledgement that overambition and living beyond their means for years has got them where they currently are, and no desire to run the club in a sustainable and equitable manner?

    And in what way has the Premier League ever been Reading's rightful place? They've only ever punched above their weight there, they've never been a club that was out-of-place when not in the PL.

  • Who the heck is Clive Jones?

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    Assume the "rightful place" is the championship, and the stretch target is the premier.

    No club would be deluded enough to believe a division they've only briefly guested in could be their rightful place.

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    If I were to guess I’d say he’s a retired toy manufacturer and former hockey player who enjoys playing golf.

  • This whole situation rings true of Derby & QPR. It seems like a large majority of Championship side run the risk of financial catastrophe in the chance of reaching the promise land of the Premier League. If they get it, great, if they don't then things get very tight. Then to throw in the sackings (because promotion isn't happening) and transfer fees digging themselves into a even bigger and bigger hole.

  • Two observations:

    1) Wokingham is not in Reading.

    2) 'make_________great again', now where have we heard that before?!

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    Seems a jolly chap, on the surface but mark my words one doesn’t become leader of Wokingham Liberal Democrats without laser focus and a steely eyed determination, oh yes a ruthless political animal make no mistake.

    probably enjoys a game of badminton and has a dog named mr woofers.

  • Don't worry, the Liberal Democrats aren't real. They can't hurt you.

  • As a Liberal Democrat I can vouch for all of that

  • It’s Election Year and the Lib Dem’s have seen an opportunity to pick up a few votes to try and knock John Redwood off his perch.

  • Let’s hope the LibDems have learnt their lesson from the ‘power sharing’ capitulation. They have a punchers chance in Wycombe.

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    And this is the crux for me and why I had little sympathy for Derby and little sympathy for Reading fans.

    When we were struggling for our lives, when we cut our cloth, when we sold off assests, when we could barely put a team out, the “football family” didn’t know or care.

    I’m far too preoccupied in the worry we are putting ourselves in your position of having a rich man buying things Wycombe Wanderers can’t afford on its own, reliant on them continuing to put his hand in his pocket and we could end up in your situation if they get bored.

    My fight to ensure my club exists starts now. Tbf, it probably should have started when Rob C took over - not because I don’t/didn’t trust him but because I believe any owner has a responsibility to look after the club not just during his tenure, but the next too by ensuring, as best he can, the rights of the supporters are enshrined in any sale/investment agreement.

    Some might say I’d be pissing in the wind trying. but to paraphrase from a tv show “Just because they own these teams doesn't mean they belong to them”. Any owner needs to be made aware of that.

    What were you doing when Dai Yongge was planing and building the “amazing academy “ and training ground?

  • This makes no sense at all. Surely you should have more sympathy for their fans precisely because their owners have been so terrible?

  • I said far too frequently when Rob came along and there was the vote ‘I’m not worried about Rob, he seems fine, it’s the next lot that worries me’. Once the trust ownership had gone that was it we are all along for the ride.

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    Maybe I should.

    Maybe I would if they would recognise that the club it’s self is unsustainable in its current format and needs to go through a root and branch restructure- like we did - rather than pin their hopes on a new guy coming in with deep pockets, continuing the status quo and just fund the same loses the previous owners we’re taking before having enough and cutting there loses.

    ( yes, I do see the irony that this is also the exact position we may be getting ourselves into)

    And yes, that might mean selling off their amazing academy. It might mean going down to non league.

    That didn’t do Luton any harm in the long term.

  • From hobnob anyone:

    My guess would would the planning issues meaning that Wycombe may not be able to use it. It has probably dawned on Dai that if the training ground isn't sold with the club he may be left with a training ground that the club don't want and no-one else can use it.

    The council have informed both RFC and WWFC of the planning issue and they have also said it is unlikely, but not impossible, that WWFC would be given permission.

    If I was Dai I would be pulling out of the deal with Wycombe and insisting the training ground is sold with the club. However it lessens hs bargaining position to get a decent price for it.

  • Derby are the worst for this, and it really grinds my gears. As expected, it looks like they're going back up to the Champ this year, as everyone knew they would at some point within the near future. All of their debts to HMRC and local businesses consigned to the dustbin, alongside our one (supporter-less) season in the Championship

  • If someone could please point me in the direction of exactly where the council have supposedly said "it is unlikely, but not impossible, that WWFC would be given permission". Thank you.

  • Dai could always sell it to Beeks. No doubt he has contacts with Wokingham's planners!

  • I have no doubt that Reading will be in the same boat post takeover 2 years down the line. Big wages, huge losses. They are addicted to the Premier League (it has even infected the Lib Dems). Once they believe they have cash in the bag they will be chasing the dream again.

  • and indeed I just saw a post from a fan in response to the increased optimism of a takeover listing the players to sign with this sweet Saudi cash.

  • Surely Wycombe getting permission to use the training ground is the absolute least of the unlikely elements of this whole thing.

  • Firstly, I hope our new owners (if we get that far) will run the club in a better way than this Dai bloke. and not splash the cash to try to get to to the Premier League.

    Secondly, Any Reading fan who expects us to buy any players, is a nutcase. We have had an EFL imposed embargo for several years and will be in force for a few more years yet.

    Thirdly, All this talk of Reading players being on a high wage is nonsense, Not only are The EFL embargo also limits us to a maximum wage limit. can you image the EFL not enforcing this.

    Fourthly, It may be all immaterial now, anyway. Our local paper is reporting that Wycombe have pulled out of the talks as there is doubt that Wanderers may not be able to get planning permission. Surely Dai Yongge must have known about the planning permission condition before he entered the talks? Is this just another delaying tactic on his part to delay the sale of his club to get us more points deducted, when we can't pay our tax bill? I wouldn't put it past him.

  • I often think this when fans blame the EFL as well, ok they are piss weak, have no real interest in or ability to improve governance and are flipping useless but the points deduction rules were brought in to stop the likes of Leicester dumping all it's commitments and then going straight out into the transfer market with new owners. How different their fairytale league win might have been if they had to sell assets and pay back debts over many years rather than write it all off.

    Some really good discussion on this thread, hope the Reading poster hasn't been scared off, or maybe we are just irrelevant now to them other than the prospect of laughing at us when we inevitably follow them into the dust.

    I'm fairly sure when RC took over it was on the basis that he thought he could run it better, increase income and fund smaller gaps if needed while having some fun, we seem a million miles from that now.

  • No. i haven't been scared off. If you read my first post you will I do not regard your club as irrelevant, That ex railway town and the University City are another matter, though. I'm certain we think alike there!.

  • Indeed we do, as a former Elm Park steward I have a bit of a love hate relationship with your lot but wish you well through this, the Pox shower have been talking about new stadiums, changes of truly loathsome owners and their rightful place in the Prem since I was a student in Wycombe in the 90s and seem offended by us daring to take corners and free kicks let alone us getting promoted as they get relegated.

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