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King Crimson at the Waterside


  • What an amazing album their debut was.
    Recovering from surgery has given me a chance to revisit lots of my old stuff, this one included (the 2009 remastered version).

  • Bought tickets ages ago. But 50 quid !!! its a bit over the top.

  • Its all about market forces (and the slices of the pie taken from elsewhere). If people didn't buy tickets because they were too expensive then they would be less expensive next time. There are very few bands where demand exceeds supply.

  • I'm no expert on this but from what I hear bands get a lot less from recorded music these days so it's touring or nothing that said Tom was right 50 quid!!! is steep.

  • I'm not disagreeing that £50 is a lot of money, but prices won't drop if there are enough people prepared to pay.

  • Problem is that there is not a lot of liquidity in the market. Gigs are unique, not interchangeable and I want to see them because I've not seen them live since about 1975.

    But compared with Patti Smith at the Roundhouse (£37:50) and Richard Thomson at the RFH (£40) they don't seem particularly good value. What with going to Margate to see Wilko Johnson and seeing Crosby Stills and Nash in between, I think September is going to bankrupt me. Good job I get a senior discount on my ST now :-)

  • Exactly. There are better 'value' gigs but as a fan that tends to be a secondary consideration. At least in this case there is rarity value. Nevertheless the prices charged by relatively elderly performers, whose ability to perform to a consistent standard on a long tour must be in doubt, do strike me as excessive. Sometimes of course its the deal that's been negotiated with the venue, but I'm hoping to see Bellowhead at the Waterside and that's £20 cheaper.

  • I thought Bellowhead were disbanding. Normal economics would suggest that that would push the price up. Maybe they are just nice people who aren't out to squeeze everything they can out of their audience.

  • Bellowhead have tour dates deep into 2016, there are between 10 & 13 in the band which is a lot of mouths to feed so hats off to them for lower prices (& a right fun knees up evening if you've never seem them live).

  • Well I really enjoyed that...even won the pre gig debate about whether fripp would be wearing tweed - i was correct about the 3 piece whistle.

    Post gig the big question was whether 3 drummers was necessary. On balance I think it worked.

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