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Friday Quiz

Which team that reached Wembley included in there line up

a, A future England international
b. An ex wycombe player
c, The father of a Wycombe player

The team and players please ?


  • Finally got around to registering after reading the forums since the demise of the old gasroom, so thought I'd have a crack.

    Is it Reading? 1988 Simod Cup vs Luton

    A, Keith Curle
    B, Paul Franklin/Neil Smilie
    C, Stuart Beavon snr.

  • @13arnesy Quality shout mate.

  • Good efforts but not quite correct, As Paul Franklin was not an ex player at the time
    as he didnt sign for us till 1989 and wasnt in the starting line up that day, Neil Smilie was never an ex player.

  • QPR 1967 League Cup

  • Again good try, but not correct. As you had Mike Keen the father of Kevin skippering the side, There was also Tony Hazell who was from Wycombe, but never played for the Wanderers.

  • Only a part answer I'm afraid - was it Brentford in the London Wartime Cup Final? They featured Les Smith and George Wilkins, but that leaves an ex-Wycombe player missing.

  • Not the answer i'm looking for, but learnt something today, that Ray Wilkins
    dad was also a pro.

    interesting note on wiki
    "In December 1949 George returned to Hayes as a coach. He was coach 3 times at Hayes until sacked in January 1961, when the players complained of his over-rigorous training methods."
    (Something Ray could never be accused of, over-rigorous running or tackling !!)

  • Quiz answer
    The team was Southall, who lost to Halesowen in the 1986 vase final.

    Les Ferdinand was the future International

    John Richardson who broke his leg in out centenary fixture against Gary Linekers
    Leicester city in 1984 was the ex player.

    No 11 that day was Roland Pierre, father of our very own big Aaron Pierre.

    Also the manager at Wembley 29 years ago was Gordon Bartlett whose wealdstone team, we will be playing next month.

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