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  • Disgraceful. Disgusting. JJ we support you.

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    Hear hear. Disgraceful.

    That's like holding Taff responsible for Iran funding Hamas.

    We live in crazy times.

  • It never occurred to me before, but I wonder if that's why we have seen an increase in police at some home games lately?

  • A recent post on the official Wycombe Wanderers X account announcing his testimonial celebrations to mark 10 years at the club received this reply: "Rather put a knife through my eyes than attend this genocide supporting p***** event".

    Twitter is a cesspit.

  • Yes disgraceful, you have my full support Joe.

  • I'm glad the club have been so fully behind JJ (I would expect nothing less from Wycombe), and I am behind him too.

  • You only have to look at the responses to the post on X to see what pond life there is out there.

    Here is a concept that seems to be totally alien to people these days. By saying 'Hamas attack on innocent Israelis bad' does not make 'Israeli attack on innocent civilians good'. Both can be bad. You don't have to say bad. When did this zero sum argument become the norm?

    By saying I stand with Joe does not mean I stand against Palestine.

  • Mine too.

    JJ has been a great player for our club and we must stand against racism.

  • Let's get a really good turnout at his testimonial evening to show him our support.

    He deserves that, and deserves none of this hate being spewed anonymously in his direction simply because he is Jewish.

    History teaches us that we can't ever become complacent against any form of racism. Bravo to the club for supporting him wholeheartedly

  • There have always been some individuals who use any excuse they can find to spew bigoted poison, it's depressing that the latest cycle of war in the Palestine has emboldened so many to air their pre-rehearsed anti-semitic/islamophobic tropes to levels not seen in this country for a long time.

    The idea that a bloke from Cardiff bears any responsibility for anything going on in the Middle East is utter nonsense to anyone with their head vaguely screwed on, but clearly there are a lot of unhinged people out there.

    I wouldn't expect anything less than the club and supporters giving Joe our 100% backing.

  • JJ was interviewed this morning (about 7:40) on Radio 5 Live if anyone wants to listen again.

  • He spoke very well. A credit to the club, and the posters on this forum, that he has 100% support.

  • He always does and he certainly is.

    Most certainly do.

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    Absolutely feel for JJ, it's disgusting that he has to put up with this sort of stuff. As others have said, he has all our support.

    As an aside, I wish people wouldn't use the term 'anti-semitism'. Why not say it as it is, and just call it racism, pure and simple. To me, using the other term sets it apart to a degree, and it might mistakenly give the impression to some that in this case, the disgusting behaviour could be seen as just a little bit more acceptable (or perhaps less unacceptable).

  • He always does and he certainly is.

    Most certainly so.

  • Very odd. I thought I’d posted this earlier (and so it turns out) but my comment was still in the Leave a Comment box so I assumed I’d forgotten to press Post Comment.

  • Shocking state of affairs. Lots of love and support for JJ

    The only labels are racism and bullying.

  • And changed the "do" to "so" into the bargain.

  • Commendable attention to detail on your past @Malone.

  • What did @Malone do in the past that needed such scrutiny?

  • I believe Micra was being exceptionally witty in intentionally writing the wrong vowel in past....

    I read it as "Pist".

  • On another note, very much looking forward to an evening with JJ tomorrow!

  • Promises to be a brilliant evening for JJ and some of our stars from the past and present.

  • Would love to have gone but financial restraints dictated that I couldn't. Hope those who did had a great evening.

  • Any thoughts/reviews on JJ's night? I was away so didn't make it but would be great to hear how it went (hopefully brilliantly).

  • I went and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of contributions from players past and present, Gaz was there which was lovely

    Phil Catchpole did a great job of interviewing everyone interspersed with nostalgic video footage of JJ's career

    And all the players, past and present, hung around afterwards to chat to supporters.

    A really great evening, and the two hours flew by

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