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Top Football Leagues in total attendance

It looks highly likely this season that the Premier League and the Championship will finish 1st and 2nd in total attendances. These are projected.

1st - Premier League - 14,647,000

2nd - Championship - 12,611,000

3rd - Bundesliga - 11,803,000

4th - Serie A - 11,624,000

5th - La Liga - 11,107,000

6th - MLS - 10,900,000

7th - Ligue 1 - 10,165,000

League One - 5,235,000


  • Interesting stuff - I wonder if the ranking looks the same when adjusted for number of teams in each league

  • Very different.

    1st - Bundesliga - 38572

    2nd - Premier League - 38545

    3rd - Serie A - 30592

    4th - La Liga - 29231

    5th - Ligue 1 - 26750

    6th - Championship - 22847

    7th - MLS - 22111

    League One - 9485

    All the above are current averages this season. The MLS has only just started so the figures are 2023.

  • Isnt Bundesliga 2 pretty high too. Think I read they outsold Bundesliga 1 the other week.

  • Projected total attendance of 8,642,000 with a current average of 28243.

    They have some huge teams in B2 currently. All these have stadiums with bigger capacities than Sunderlands, who has the largest in the Championship.




    Hertha Berlin - 75000



  • It is crazy an MLS game was attended by 82,000 last season (Los Angeles derby). Things have changed a lot in the past quarter century!

  • The top of Bundesliga 2 is looking spicy for the end of the season with St Pauli and HSV both up there. I'm hoping to go over for a game late April.

  • Look at early May.

    I am trying to secure tickets for HSV v St Pauli on Sunday May 5th, once I’ve got the ticket's I can book flights and accommodation. Bank Holiday weekend too so I don’t need to rush back after the game.

    Having hit the 92 some years ago I’m now working through Champions League winners. Got to the San Siro in October with my 13 year old for his birthday. Taking the older one for this one.

    Any tips for HSV if you e been before.

  • I'm a St Pauli man @wwfcblue so I'm afraid not. Hamburg ist Braun-Weiss.

  • I’ve never watched a game overseas before (except from Vipienne of course) but I’m breaking the duck with Athletic Club vs Villarreal in April.

  • Brings back some memories, cloudy though they are, before we got married, I remember going to Bordeaux v Calais in the mid 80's & being astounded that someone was allowed to bring in a car battery! It was to power a rather large horn/klaxon thingy. 1st game I remember watching a footie match in T-shirt & shorts. A very surreal experience. 🤷‍♂️

  • One of my best mates from school moved to Hamburg around 15 years ago and his best mate in Hamburg was mad on St Pauli.

    The game in May looks like being one not to miss. Are you able to watch St Pauli matches in the UK? If I’m unable to secure tickets it could be a great game to watch as a neutral at home.

  • The derbies are usually on Sky, with them both pushing at the top of the table I reckon that one is nailed on.

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