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Todays Daily Mirror

Its 11 sports journo's have made there lge 2 winners predictions.
5 plump for Pompey
3 put their hat on Luton
and 3 go for the Wanderers of Wycombe.

They also claim that Crystal Palace are prepared to make a bid for ex WWFC schoolboy keeper Alex McCarthy.
Anyone know if we will profit out of that move ? and how much we benefited from his move from
Reading to QPR ?


  • Pompey? Still? Funny they are set to romp the league every year and yet...never do!

  • Yeah just like Oxford.

  • Well they are in this division.
    Football League First Division (now Premier League):
    Champions: 1948/49, 1949/50

    Football League First Division (now Championship):
    Champions: 2002/03

    Football League Third Division/Third Division South (now League One):
    Champions: 1923/24, 1961/62, 1982/83

    FA Cup:
    Winners: 1939, 2008
    Runners-up: 1929, 1934, 2010

  • This forum needs a "How much will we make from this sell-on?" category. Or at least a dedicated thread.

  • I prefer to be the wild card

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