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Very important for the club to take note!

After this evening’s semi-final win we’re off to Wembley on April 7th. But can I please ask the club to press very hard for us to get the West end of the ground this time!!!

When we beat Kidderminster, Runcorn & Preston our fans were at the West end of Wembley Stadium. You can’t really count the Oxford game but when we lost to Southend & Sunderland we were at the East end of Wembley.

I don’t know the criteria for deciding who gets which end but it seems crazy for Wycombe to be given the East end anyway when Wembley Stadium station is nearest to the West end. Superstitious or not, I’d rather be watching the match from where we have a 100% winning record than from the end where we have a 100% losing record!!! Get to it WW!



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