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Risborough Rangers

Can anyone enlighten me on the clubs recent history? The last I heard was when they had a record breaking run but then couldn’t get promoted due to their ground but wanted to appeal. Did they manage to get promoted? How have they gotten on since then etc?

Heard that our very own local hero has now taken over as manager, already spotted a few ex Thame players in their squad. I assume he has lined up some of his contacts to get them pushing up the pyramid as I read that the former manager said in the press that Westy was coming in and will I instantly be able to improve the squad and so on.


  • So they weren't given promotion through league position but they were able to get promotion through the league re-structure just after COVID and moved into the Step 5 category moving from Div 1 East Hellenic to Premier Div for Spartan South Midlands Football League.

    However the following season, they were refused promotion into the Step 4 league due to their ground grading. After that has happened, they haven't been close to promotion which is prob necause all of those players have left to join Step 4 teams and in that time, they now meet the criteria for a Step 4 ground.

    Looking at their ground, there must be a limit to what they can do. The drainage isn't great and with the tennis & cricket clubs right next to the ground, that must take away development opportunties from those ends

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    No worries. I has made me wonder why Westy has gone there to manage? I get that it's local and that it could be a project but there must be a bit of realism too that there is only so much that can be done with Risborough Rangers and where they will end up going to?

    Yes, they might get to Step 4 under him but they won't be able to get anywhere near Step 3 or above with their ground. Unlike Thame Utd that was ready made.

    This is what I meant by their ground on my previous post. On the tree line that backs onto the industrial estate, there is a big drop off / ditch. The trees line is the limit that the club has from the Cricket Club and there will be crossover from July - Sept with fixtures. They might be able to build something at the Tennis Court side but that will take a lot of money which a club at this level doesn't have and go through several rounds of planning permission as that area is highly protected by the local council. They are still paying off the loan they took from the Youth/Junior club (they run separately I believe) for their floodlights.

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    Not many grounds have their own train station though, so they've got that going for them

  • If only there was a bridge / path that allows people to walk from the station to the ground.......

  • Needs a chairlift imo

  • I'd like to see them install a trebuchet (is the origin of the word a tree bucket?) to get customers over the railway line.

  • It’s a pretty long walk round. I know that hike pretty well.

    Doesn’t look like a lot of parking either…anyone able to comment on that?

  • I’ve heard they are in talks for a 4G pitch so there could be some changes afoot

  • Parking is only for Players, Officials and Club reps

  • There's an ally way at the end of the train station car park, it cuts the time down massively

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    You have just shortened my future hikes by about 5 minutes…thank you!

  • Surely you can cut down the footpath that leads out onto Picts Lane?

  • I look forward to playing them in the league. The EFL, hopefully.

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