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Man of the Match - Oxford (H)


  1. MOTM?75 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. Low
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Vincent-Young
    6. Scowen
    7. Potts
    8. Taylor
    9. Sadlier
    10. McCleary
    11. Lubala
    12. Wheeler (sub)
    13. Kone (sub)
    14. Butcher (sub)
    15. Campbell (sub)


  • Sadlier for me, absolutely outstanding in the first half. Another good team performance all round though, I'd say.

  • Between Sadlier and JLow.

    But much industry and no little skill all over the pitch.

    Great to see Josh Scowen back.

  • Great team performance today - all at least 6/10

    Stand out individuals for me were Low, Sads, Scowen & Potts in that order.

  • Scowen for me. Then Potts. Then Sadlier.

  • Scowen. He is an unbelievable player

  • Sads was absolutely magnificent today.

  • edited February 17

    Sadlier 👍

  • The CB’s were both excellent today, with Low in particular continuing his good recent form.

    i thought Sadlier was our best outlet by far and got us into some really dangerous positions. Criminal really that we didn’t take at least one of them.

    All that said, what a joy to see Scowen back out of nowhere. The second he went off Oxford got more joy across the midfield and we had to defend far deeper. He was my MOTM, not for the first or last time this season I suspect.

  • I gave it to Josh as he is just outstanding. Sadlier, Low and Taff were all very good.

  • Sadlier…had their right back on toast

  • Sadlier, had Long on toast every time he got the ball out wide. Been our best player these last two/three weeks

  • For me very difficult to choose between Sadlier and Scowen. But Josh plays in such an unique way - one minute playing just in front of the central defenders the next seemingly up with the attackers. Sadlier I think can try to hard, generating so much power in a shot that accuracy is not there. I really noticed how flat and powerful his set pieces are, this marks him out.

    I have gone for Josh this time, just.

  • It’s wonderful to have Scowen back, he makes such a positive difference to the team. He’s been my favourite Wycombe player for a long time.

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    Sadlier for me, a fantastic creative outlet all afternoon largely through skill rather than straight line speed which makes him an absolute joy to watch. He gave Long a torrid afternoon and absolutely put that chance on a plate for Beryl.

    Sadlier on one flank and Gareth McCleary on the other makes this team a really exciting prospect both now and looking ahead to the next couple of years. Given how fit he is Garath’s surely got another season or two in him at this level, with a fit Brandon Hanlan to provide a bit of competition too next season.

    If Sads keeps this level of performance up he’ll be the latest in the list of great right-footed left wingers that have played for this club including the likes Kevin Durham, Darren Currie, Sergio Torres and Anis Mehmeti - have I missed anyone, folks?

  • I voted for Sads today, I thought he was absolutely brilliant in the first half.

  • Josh but only just over Sads

  • Sadlier just from Scowen and Low.

  • Vincent-Young, McCleary and Taylor may not have received any votes (yet) but I thought they all played very well.

    I’m so delighted for Matt Bloomfield and his management team. Our patience seems finally to have been handsomely rewarded.

  • Beginning to look like Rob will get the opportunity to say "I told you so".

    Hopefully on the last day as JJ gets his 100th goal/assist and we parade EFL Trophy to go with a 12th place finish.

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