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Chiltern watch

I am very sad to report that, late on Friday night, four Oxfordshire residents attempted to steal cider from 8 Ibstone watchers on the wall.

Happily, a squadron of red kites repelled said invaders and they are currently being cared for in High Wycombe hospital


  • Praise indeed to the squadron of red kites, hopefully they will grace us with a presence this afternoon.

    I do have one slight worry, we plan to use the Risborough Route in, aroundabout lunchtime. Do you think it will be safe?

  • The Risborough pass remains secure as always, safe travels. Many lowlanders have been seen cowardly taking boats down the Thames and are currently gathering in Marlow bistros in order to get the local gossip

  • ‘Squadron’ needs to be added to the list of many collective nouns for the Red Kite*

    * ‘wake’, ‘roost’, ‘husk’, ‘soar’, ‘kettle’ in use depending how far along the escarpment they inhabit

  • Squadron has it. Defo.

  • I cant validate it, however I've heard a rumour that members of the Acorn regiment are assembling a defensive position in the woodland above the car park. 

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