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VPN Providers

I know this was discussed earlier and I can't find the topic that it was discussed on. However, I'm interested in what people use. I've used NORD in the past and it's worked well for me but I'm just wondering what else is out there and if there have been any reliability issues?

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  • As always folks, exercise extreme caution when getting a VPN. As far as I'm aware, Nord are not evil though that could change - ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access used to both be relatively respected, safe VPNs but then got bought by KAPE - a "former" malware and surveillance company run by former members of Unit 8200.

    If you're thinking "I only use it for 90 112 minutes each week to watch a Wycombe match" then boy are you in for a surprise about how much internet traffic your computer is sending and receiving without you knowing.

  • Nord VPN ain't bad, speed is fine most of the time but the Windows app is a bit clunky and over bearing.

    Windscribe better but costs more.

  • Pretty sure my good lady uses the Nord version. She is pretty internet savvy, (went to Sunderland Uni and got a degree in computer science), it was many years ago. She must know her stuff as she built the entire programme for the Euro Disney shares release, from the initial enquiry, to printing envelopes, all the forms and final share price for one of the merchant banks in the City. To date, we have never knowingly had any issue with Nord, always connected immediately yo either Paris of Brussels with just the normal time lag. As to the warning of caution from @drcongo, I will pass on his words of caution however, I have no clue about one end of a computer to another. That's what happens when you marry a techie, you really can't be arsed to learn! The obvious difficulty comes when she decides to up-sticks with a younger model and leaves me in the brown & sticky stuff. Must pop out to the local garage and get her those wilted roses that should be on sale know. That'll make up for my negligence of Valentines day. 🙇‍♂️

  • I use McAfee VPN , I’ve never tried using it to watch a Wycombe game . BBC iPlayer detects that I’m using VPN if I’m overseas and doesn’t work, so I fear that McAfee VPN won’t work with Wanderers TV. Probably total b*locks though.

  • Norton Antivirus has a VPN which works well for me.

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    It should be fine.

    BBC Iplayer is funded by the license fee paid by UK residents so is for UK use only.

    Wycombe actively encourage people to watch from overseas and have dedicated passes for them.

  • McAfee works fine for Wanderers TV, I've seen almost all our away games on that from my villa in Vipienne.

    If I log in to BBC at the same time, it defaults to rather than, for obvious reasons.

  • Yes, McAfee does work, on the rare occasions I've decided to use it.

  • Bitdefender works well for me. (Not) interesting VPN news, where once I could use my VPN around the world with impunity for BBC, ITV, Sky, gambling apps etc I now see this is getting less and less as providers are getting wise. I suspect our time in the Free State of Vipien is limited.

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