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Adam's Park for one weekend only


  • Very thoughtful.

  • Indeed a nice touch

  • Lovely idea.

  • Excellent. And a minute’s clapping immediately before kickoff.

  • Pictures on X indicate that all the signs in the ground have been changed, not just the front gate. Impressive.

  • That is truly remarkable.

  • What an amazing gesture by the club and our owners.

    We are lucky to have the Couhigs.

  • A fantastic tribute from the club.

    I don't know whether one was available where this tragic incident happened or whether it would have helped, but the lack of defibrillators in public spaces frustrates/angers me. Considering the scale of the finances within the wider football community, it would be a great gesture if this footballing community would provide funds for a defibrillator to be available at every venue where grassroots sports takes place.

  • Really, really, really good work. We’re so lucky to support this club.

  • I have to admit, this brought a tear to my eye.

    What a horrendous thing to have happened and my heart goes out not only to his friends and family but also to everyone involved in that game where it occurred whether it be team mates, opposition, officials, coaches or spectators

    It's a great gesture from the club, I can only echo everyone else's "hats off"

  • Never had a ‘ been so well applied. What a club COY’B’s!

  • Very compassionate gesture from the club. My heart goes out to the family.

  • Shame the bloke on Wycombe Sound keeps pronouncing it as “Adams’s Park”. Someone tell him please.

  • One of those things our club just gets right.

    Pure class as an idea anyway, but to run it past the Adams family before hand as well really is top class stuff.

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