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Samaritans Score Prediction - Oxford (h)

Correct score predictions from @HomeGameRegular and @our_frank move them up places in the top ten but the big winner of the week with a correct score prediction is our leader @mooneyman who seems to be toying with us mere mortals - lead cut one week before stretching it out even further the following week. Nine points now back to @NewburyWanderer and a further five back to @carrickblue in third place whose very honest if very late and very wrong prediction coming in after the final whistle could not be scored.

Its a tighter battle at the bottom where @Chris @Mandown and @railwaysteve are locked in a tight battle for bottom spot with our traditional "lantern rouge" @bookertease still retaining hopes of retaining his title yet again.

Little shout out for me @DevC - faithfully predicting every week, over 900 predictions overall wearily tapped into my trusty spreadsheet - all for a personal score of a big fat nul points. Fecking great.....

2/3 of the season now gone and into the final sprint for glory. It could be you....(but unless your name is @mooneyman it probably will not be)



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